Elizabeth Suzann: the slow-fashion made-to-order clothes company from Nashville closing down!

The current ongoing coronavirus pandemic has badly hit the fashion industry. There are rising bankruptcies and small businesses are closing down and may never return. The firm with slow and simple fashion was of Elizabeth Suzann and it announced in late April that it is closing down. And the grief of the company’s fans is palpable.

Elizabeth Suzann and its closure

The fashion industry is reeling under the pressure created by the deadly coronavirus and the associated lockdown due to it. Many big retailers and fashion houses are in for bankruptcies. They are having a lot of overheads which is significantly higher than their current small or no sales. And those fashion firms which cannot cope under this huge loss are preferring to close down.

Elizabeth Suzann company (Source: Elizabeth Suzann)

Elizabeth Suzann is one such fashion company which has opted to down its shutters. Designer Liz Pape owns the company. Last April end, she announced the closure of Elizabeth Suzann. She wrote on her website:

My friends, it is time for me to share some incredibly difficult news. This chapter of ES, as we know it, is coming to a close. The hit to our made-to-order sales over the past two months, as well as the hit to our lead time from being out of our warehouse for an extended period of time, are too severe for us to recover from in a healthy and responsible way.”

More about the closing down of Liz’s firm

Furthermore, the fashion designer wrote:

“… The financial reality we are facing is one that is too complicated to explain in full, but most simply our current sales are not sufficient to sustain the overhead and payroll of a team of any size….

She added that some of the overheads are fixed and cannot be reduced. They have some sakes but it is drastically lessened. Additionally, though there remains a demand for their clothes, they are unsure when the buying situation would return to normal.

Clothes from Elizabeth Suzann (Source: Elizabeth Suzann)

Liz admitted:

“…I don’t have the mental, emotional, and physical capacity to commit to any longer…”

Liz has been paying her staff full-day in the last two months despite the low sales. She plans to finish the remaining orders in the next three months safely and following provided guidelines.

About Liz’s company, ES

Liz founded the company in the year 2013. It’s selling point is slow fashion and simplicity. The fabrics and colors are natural. The clothes are highly comfortable but low in maintenance.

It is a Nashville made-to-order company. In 2017, she has thirty employees and sales of over $ 3.3 million. The company continued to witness growth with no financial assistance from outside. Earlier she used to sell handmade basics on Etsy.

Elizabeth Suzann company (Source: Elizabeth Suzann)

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And Liz plans to go back to this one-woman production in fall of this year. She will offer sewing patterns and kits. That will rely less on consumption and more on skill sharing and training. Aja Barber, a stylist and writer in London stated of Liz:

“She created clothing that’s easy for human bodies to wear. I don’t think anyone can fill the hole that is left.”