How to overcome emotional cheating in a relationship?

How to overcome emotional cheating in a relationship?
Emotional Cheating (Source: Hernorm)
  • Emotional cheating is when a person establishes an intimate connection with someone else
  • It is different from friendship and can be identified by sexual tension or romantic attraction
  • Having open communication with your partner might help

Previously, cheating was denoted when a person in a committed relationship goes behind the back to have an affair or have a sexual relationship with someone else. With the development of technology, cheating has branched out to emotional cheating.

Example picture of Emotional cheating
Example picture of Emotional cheating (Source: Chicago Tribune)

The proper definition of ‘Emotional cheating’ involves nonsexual activities with someone other than your partner. It happens when you establish an intimate connection with someone else. There is a vast difference between emotional infidelity and friendship. People often claim emotional infidelity to be friendly but the difference can be determined as it often involves some sexual tension or romantic attraction.

How does Emotional cheating affect your relationship?

The partner who has formed an emotional intimacy might not count it as cheating. He/She may think cheating is only physical and might end up hurting the other one. One’s actions impact the other partner and might cause a big problem. Some emotional attachment might be accidental but it ends up giving the same result.

When the boundary is crossed there comes attachment injury. Here are the points that affect your relationship:

  • You start talking with the person more than your partner
Signs of Emotional Cheating
Signs of Emotional Cheating (Source: Healthline)
  • You don’t talk about them to your partner which causes problems between you and your partner when they find out
  • You start feeling less attracted physically and emotionally to your partner
  • Dissatisfaction starts occurring in your relationship
  • There is no open communication between you and your partner
  • Start comparing your partner to them
  • There will be a lot of argument between you and your lover

Emotional cheating usually occurs when the partner finds it difficult to express their emotional needs or does not feel a connection with your partner and finds someone else to relate to.

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How to avoid emotional cheating to make your relationship healthy?

Emotional cheating is more dangerous than physical cheating and takes a huge toll on one’s relationship with their partner. Do these things to save your relationship.

  • You need to have an open and intimate conversation with your partner as communication is the key to saving a relationship
  • Set boundaries and expectations while having a friendship with someone and never cross the boundary
  • Know when the friendship is turning into something else and if necessary maintain distance with the person who is coming between you and your partner
Healthy relationship
Healthy relationship (Source: MindBodyGreen)
  • Be careful with online relationships and spend more time with your partner
  • You should not share the intimate details of your relationship with others
  • Going for therapy might help when things get worse

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