English actress Ellie Bamber dumps her Scottish lover Richard Madden after they drifted apart!

English actress Ellie Bamber dumps her Scottish lover Richard Madden after they drifted apart!

There is some bad news from bodyguard actor Richard Madden‘s side. His girlfriend actress Ellie Bamber has dumped him. Is he devastated? Read on for the answers

Richard Madden dumped by his girlfriend Ellie Bamber

This Sunday, The Sun has reported that Bodyguard star Richard Madden and his girlfriend Ellie Bamber drifted apart in their relationship and she has now dumped him.
The couple used to have a lot of arguments between them on petty matters and had decided to give their relationship a pause. But now Ellie, 21 has given him the boot.
An insider revealed:

“They’re both absolutely gutted but it was a decision made for the best.
“They were arguing almost daily towards the end and, despite considering couples’ therapy, it became evident there were far too many issues that could not be fixed.”

Source: Garzia Daily (Ellie Bamber)

The insider added:

Richard is the toast of Hollywood at the moment, and understandably wants to let his hair down.
“Ellie is a bit quieter, and wants to focus purely on her work. It felt like their day-to-day lives were increasingly becoming worlds apart.
“They were pretty inseparable from the day they met — and their friends and family had all merged — so obviously everyone around them is gutted too.
“But both Ellie and Richard hope to remain friends.”

Richard, 32 and Ellie had started living their separate independent lives again, it is learned.
The couple has decided to give their best in retaining a good friendship between them after the split.

The relationship between Richard Madden and Ellie Bamber

The couple met and were introduced to each other through mutual friends. Liking each other, they started dating. This was 18 months back in summer 2017 but there were some sourness and disagreement in their relationship towards the end which led to arguments and the split.
Last year, Richard had expressed his happiness with the relationship. He had told The Sun about his budding relationship but this happiness was not to last.

Source: Daily Express (Ellie Bamber and Richard Madden)

A suspicion of a likely split appeared when Richard Madden bagged an award at the great ceremony of the Golden Globe Award Function last weekend in Los Angeles and Ellie was nowhere to be seen there. She was not on the red carpet with him and there was no mention of her name in the acceptance speech that Richard gave on the occasion.

Richard Madden and his previous girlfriends

The Scottish actor was dating British actor Jenna Coleman before he began a relationship with Ellie. Jenna and Richard broke up in 2015. He then was seen with TV presenter Laura Whitmore and after his breakup from her began dating model Suki Waterhouse. But this relationship also did not work out and he started a relationship with Ellie which has also now ended.

Source: Elle (Ellie Bamber)

As regards Ellie Bamber, it looks like that Richard Madden was her first celebrity love. There are no details of her previous relationships if she had any.

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