ESPN Anchor, Dana Jacobson declares that she has been a victim of child molestation during her childhood!!

Sports Anchorwoman, Dana Jacobson now comes and admits about her being a victim of child molestation by a male babysitter when she was a young girl. She has finally committed about her tragic in her childhood and described the shame and embarrassment she felt.

Dana Jacobson, victim of child molestation

It is very heartfelt to know that former anchorwoman, Dana Jacobson was once molested by her own baby sitter when she was a young girl.

She now explained the sexual abuse she suffered. Her family gave the responsibility of taking care of her to a male babysitter.

Dana Jacobson has shared her story after so many brave young men testified in the Sandusky trial.

According to her:

“Like the young men who bravely took the stand in the Sandusky trial, I was molested as a child. That’s still not easy for me to say, let alone write and share publicly, but if we’ve learned anything from the Sandusky scandal it’s that the time for silence is over. As I heard one Sandusky victim put it, it’s time to ‘find my voice’.”

The male babysitter, who her parents hired to look after her and her brother was the one who molested Dana Jacobson.

Dana Jacobson wrote:

“I had been told to obey him, like any other babysitter or authority figure. Forget the shame, fear, and overwhelming confusion that went along with the sexual abuse, we both knew that he was the one in charge.”

“I didn’t speak out, no matter how many chances I may have had.That’s what these monsters count on, our silence. They have the power and they know it.’

Source: HitBerry (Dana Jacobson)

She finally made a courage, to tell the truth to her family as well as her brother. Her family was equally shocked and felt guilty for their carelessness. They apologized her profusely.

She said:

“Just knowing they wanted to protect me, as I had expected them to do, helped ease the pain I was still feeling from childhood.”

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Dana Jacobson speaks out after learning from the Sandusky Scandal

Dana Jacobson gets inspired and speaks out when she learns from the Sandusky Scandal. Her words are as follows:

“It was inappropriate touching, fondling of genitalia. It may not have been as frequent or severe as what I read about in the case of Sandusky’s victims, but that doesn’t make the abuse I suffered any less real or the shame I felt any less overwhelming.”

Source: Bleacher Report (Dana Jacobson)

Dana Jacobson admits that she couldn’t acknowledge the incident of what was going on until she became the age of twenty. She says:

“I’ve learned that each time I tell my story, I let go of some of the shame and guilt I’ve carried with me for years. Those feelings so deeply buried at times they seem never ending. So truth be told, my sharing right now is really just a part of that long road to recovery I mentioned earlier, the one Jerry Sandusky’s victims are just beginning. I’d like to thank them for helping me take this latest step, finding my voice. I hope by doing so, I can help others find theirs.”

She also thanked the ones who helped her to take the further step against the molestation by saying:

“I’d like to thank them for helping me take this latest step, finding my voice. I hope by doing so, I can help others find theirs.”

Source: happyhouselodge (Dana Jacobson)

Short Bio on Dana Jacobson

Dana Jacobson is an American journalist and a sports anchorwoman. She is famous for her anchoring skills and also her beauty. She is known for her work on ESPN First Rake (2007), Cold Pizza (2003) and Sports Center (1979). She also participates in a skydive with the Army Golden Knights at Fort Bragg, NC. She is a cheerful woman. She has the specialty of her beauty and the talented skill of anchoring. She is a pretty and an active woman. She had an interest in journalism since her childhood. More Bio…