ESPN sports reporter Wendi Nix has been posting Strange post about Husband although she is a Divorcee! Is She Married again? Who is her Husband? Find out!

Wendi Nix is an American anchor and a well-known ESPN sports reporter but she is a divorcee and has been tweeting about husband! Did she marry again or the divorce not final yet?

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Since Wendi is the famous personality in the sports world many of the fans know about her but it’s merely the professional side of the journalist but we are here to give you more about her personal life and also about the marital life.

Wendi Nix Relationship Status

Wendi was once a married woman but not anymore. Now she has been divorced but there are some tweets that made us confused, is she married again!

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There was a recent post on Twitter by Nix in which, she had posted a photograph of herself with her friend, NBC correspondent, Dan Hicks, Trista Sutter, and Sutter’s family. An unknown man positioned at the back of Sutter was seen.

To this one of her followers tweeted asking who that guy was and out of nowhere, Nix then replied that he was her husband. She has been tweeting such strange posts relating to her husband since last year.

But even after she has openly revealed and called him her husband she does not seem to reply the most asked question, “Who is He?” that has been posted by many people on Twitter.

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About the Mysterious Husband

Although there is no definite information on the mysterious husband of Wendi from her tweet it can be known that the mystery person is a football fan possibly some administrative officer of football.

He is a fan of New York Jets while Nix is a strong Carolina Panthers fan.

Nix is a mother to two daughters who spend a lot of time with them as per her twitter posts.

Wendi’s Previous Husband and Divorce

Wendi Nix, 41, is a charming lady but she is also one of them who like to keep her mouth shut about her personal life and not very interested in sharing about her private life but we know that she was married before. She was married to Ben Cherington, who was the former general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

They had been married for a very long time. It is said that they had met and fallen in love since their college days after they had come into contact with each other at the University of Massachusetts. They had already gone through a divorce which was not publicized and revealed only after Nix, said it as per an interview with the Myrtle Beach Tribune in 2010.

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Short Bio on Wendi Nix:

Wendi Nix was born on September 17, 1974, in South Carolina, USA. She had attended and received degrees from the Wofford College and the University of Massachusets Amherst.

Speaking of her most recent appearance, she has not been seen making a TV appearance in a long time. Her most recent one was in 2011 on the show ‘Sunday Night Basketball.’ More bio…