Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Of Hollywood Which Later Converted To Divorce; From Tom Cruise And Katie Homes To Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

There are some of the extravagant weddings in Hollywood which have made it to the list of the most expensive weddings. From the lavish wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Prince William and Katie Middleton which worth millions.

$2 Million lavish weddings of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Source: Showbiz)

The Hollywood famous actor Tom Cruise tied the knot with his then-wife Katie Holmes on a lavish wedding. Back in 2006, they spent the big sum of $2 million dollars on their big day. Despite their unsuccessful marriage, their wedding is something people will remember. At the time, both the bride and groom walked down the aisle on Armani’s attire. The dress that Katie wore had luxurious Swarovksi crystals that took 350 hours to attach. The couple also flew all of their guests personally to their lavish Italian wedding in the 15th century Odescalchi Castle. Katie and Tom read their vows on the beautiful own of Bracciano, Italy.

Extravagant big day of Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney’s extravagant wedding (Pinterest)

Another couple’s wedding that made it to the list is the wedding of Heather Mills and Paul Mccartney. The couple read their vows on the lavish ceremony which cost $3.6 million dollars. Back in 2002, the singer Heather tied the knot with Beatles bassist and singer Paul McCartney. The wedding has around 300 guests on the grounds of a 17th-century Irish chapel. For the reception part, they along with their guest moved to a remote castle in Glaslough, Ireland with the delicacy of music and wine. At the ceremony, they also had an Indian vegetarian banquet for the troupe of Indian dancers. However, their lavish wedding came to the end in 2008.

Luxurious wedding of David Gest and Liza Minnelli

David Gest and Liza Minnelli wedding (Source: Reuters)

The late reality star David Gest tied the knot with Liza Minnelli in an extravagant event which cost $4.2 million dollars. The lavish event of 2002 was in New York in the presence of many celebrity guests. After the lavish big day, they parted their ways after a year. Their divorce is still considered as the dirtiest divorce in Hollywood.

Tori Spelling and Charlie Shahnaian’s lavish wedding

Tori Spelling and Charlie Shahnaian (Source: Heavy)

Another name in the list of a million-dollar big day event is of Tori Spelling and Charlie Shahnaian. They had their big day on the presence of 350 guests. They had black-tie extravaganza with the champagne fountain on the catering of Wolfgang Puck. However, after 15 months of the lavish ceremony, the couple parted their ways in 2006. Though they ended their marriage, they made it to the list.

Lavish events of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (Source: E!News)

Kim K who lives the lavish life also had the extravagant marriage with Kris Humphries. At the time, Humphries proposed Kim with the $2 million ring. Afterward, they spent $10 million dollars in August 2011 and read their vows in front of 450 guests. However, they only were married for 72 days and Kim filed the divorce. They officially got separated after only three months of marriage. At the time, they mentioned irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

Source: Stylecaster, The list