Protective face masks have become a wellness trend and an item of Fashion!

The air in the world is getting bad as the day goes by. First it was dust, then chemical pollution, and now the deadly germs and viruses. People are now donning the protective face masks and it has soon become a wellness and fashion icon.

Protective face masks and the current age

The face masks are in an ever-increasing demand due to the coronavirus pandemic and the scare it has caused in the minds of the people worldwide. People find it now easier to not complain about the root cause but instead to take steps to protect themselves from the threat. Hence face masks have almost become a necessity.

Face mask and dress coordination for fashion (Source: Slate)

Earlier, face masks were in use in East Asia. But journalist Jeff Yang had predicted a few years back that it would reach the shores of the USA and other countries as well. His prediction has come true. Jeff had said:

“[T]he predilection toward using face-coverings to prevent exposure to bad air is something that predates the germ theory of disease, and extends into the very foundations of East Asian culture.”

A must-have accessory…

New York Post hailed the face masks as a ‘must-have’ accessory at London’s recent fashion week. At this event, many attendees wore surgical masks which they had creatively decorated. Even at the New York Fashion Week 2020, the face masks made their appearance both on and off the runway.

Creatively decorated face masks (Source: Slate)

Additionally, on the show Saturday Night Live, cast member Bowen Yang wore a face mask which was decorated with Burberry’s signature pattern. The masks for the face seem to have become an essential as well as a luxury wellness item. Tala Alamuddin has been making them of denims and selling them through her fashion line.

The types of surgical masks

Humans demand variety and in keeping with their desires, the designers of protective surgical masks are adding that fashion and variety element to it. Therefore, there are different types of face masks available now based on the product, situation, and choice of the wearer.

Some are made of mesh or other novel fabrics and some are studded with rhinestones. The masks have moved on from being a solely simple medical gear and become a pure fashion accessory.

Fashion face masks (Source: scmp)

The question here is whether masks can really protect one from coronavirus-like germs. The truth is that the masks including the N95 masks do not save people from the risk of transmission. Therefore, other measures like handwashing gain more importance here. The only people who require and are benefitted by the masks are the health care workers. For everyone else it is just a ‘placebo’.

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If the wearer has an infection, his mask-wearing can help protect others from his germs. And N95 masks are good for protection against wildfire ash, air pollution, and mold.

Hence besides functionality, aesthetics sense is creeping into this item which has become the world’s wardrobe accessory. Vogmask calls its face masks:

a tool for wellness, style, and a symbol of care for yourself, the planet, and the future.” 

Is it true or a marketing gimmick? Time will tell.

Source: Slate