Update! Here Are The Facts You Must Not Miss About The American TV Personality Carol Silva!

Update! Here Are The Facts You Must Not Miss About The American TV Personality Carol Silva!

The American TV personality Carol Silva is an anchor of America’s first 24-hour regional news network, News 12 Long Island. In 32 years long career, she has served as an anchor in the network which rose her to fame.

Here are few facts about the veteran news anchor Carol Silva.

Veteran anchor Carol Silva diagnosed from cancer

Carol Silva diagnosed with cancer (Source: News Day)

In October 2019, the TV anchor Silva revealed that she is diagnosed with cancer. She had stage four cancer which she found two weeks before she revealed. The anchor also underwent surgery and started other medical treatments including Gamma Knife. The veteran anchor posted a video talking about her cancer where she said:

“I have all the confidence in the world because we are so lucky to live where there are literally the best doctors in the world – mine happen to be at Northwell. Also because I have the most amazing family behind me, and they just know what I want before I even wanted it.”

Furthermore, the anchor admired the people who have battled such a severe disease and overcame it. Alongside praising other cancer survivors, she also requested people to see the doctor if anyone is feeling uneasy about their body.

Heart-warming return to the network after the treatment

Carol Silva returned to the channel after the treatment (Source: Newsday)

The anchor was ongoing many treatments for lung cancer and she had to take the break from the network for the treatment. Afterward, her treatment, she had a heart-warming return to the channel as an anchor. In December, she went back to the stage before retiring from the network.

She was far away from the stage and her anchor duties to begin her treatment of cancer and radiation of tumors that was spreading on her brain. After getting back in the network after her treatment, she described it to her co-anchor  Elizabeth Hashagen and meteorologist Rich Hoffman saying:

“I can’t count the number of storms I have done in almost 40 years on TV and radio. It’s crazy.”

The American TV personality mentioned she is happy to be back after the treatment. She also mentioned her retirement plans shortly after saying:

“I know that today I’ve begun a three-week goodbye and that’s really emotional but that my decision [to] stand on the end of a cliff and take a jump off to see what’s next while I’m still young and healthy is the right decision. I’m excited to see what’s next.” 

TV Anchor Silva’s retirement (Source: Patch)

The anchor announced that she is ending her career in the network as an anchor and shortly after that she shared the sad news about her cancer.

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Signing off from the network after a long career

After spending almost 33 years at News 12, she finally signed off the network in December. The TV anchor who made her last appearance in the show as an anchor was quite emotional. The anchor mentioned it is the time to start the next chapter of life. At the time, she stated with the tearful eyes:

“This moment is surreal, yet totally right. My heart knows that it’s time.”

Earlier this year, she announced her plans of retiring from the 33 years of the service in the network. After a short period of time, she announced her retirement, she got diagnosed with cancer. As per the reports, the tumors have spread to her brain. The anchor has the fourth stage of lung cancer.

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