Facts of Moroha, Daughter Of Inuyasha in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

Facts of Moroha, Daughter Of Inuyasha in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon
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Who is Moroha?

Moroha is the fictional character of the series, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Moroha is the quarter-demon, and Moroha is the bounty hunter and demon slayer. She is popular with the name Moroha the Monster Killer.

Also, she happens to be the daughter of the dog-demon, Inuyasha, and the human, Kagome Higurashi.

Know the Voice Artist of Moroha

– The Japanese Voice actress,  Azusa Tadokoro is the voice of Moroha. She is renowned for contributing voice to characters like Aoi Kiriya in Aikatsu and Kaoru Seta in BanG Dream! Currently, she is associated with the talent agency, HoriPro International.

Morgan Berry
Morgan Berry (Source: Instagram)

– The English dubbed voice of Moroha happens to be Morgan Berry. She is also a YouTuber famous with the name, The Unknown Songbird.

Moroha- Birth Age, Parents, Family, & Childhood

Moroha was born in the Sengoku Period of Japan as the daughter of the Half-demon, Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi. Like her father, Inuyasha was half-demon, which makes Moroha a quarter demon.

She comes from the family line of the great Dog General, Toga. Talking about her childhood, there is very less known however she grew up without her father and mother.

Moroha & Inuyasha
Moroha & Inuyasha (Source: Pinterest)

As of now, the reason behind the situation is a total mystery, and yet to unfold why Inuyasha and Kagome abandon her. When Kagome abandoned Moroha giving her Beni of her grandfather, Toga. After that, she grew up as a demon slayer and bounty hunter.

Moroha’s Love Interest

Currently, Moroha is 15 years old girl who is serving on the money that she earns through bounty hunter. In the series, she is portrayed as a single girl now. However, there is a greater possibility that she ended up falling in love which caused a happy ending like her parents.

As of now, she is enjoying her life as a bounty hunter along with her parental half-cousins; Towa Higurashi and Setsuna with whom she has formed a very friendly bond.

Moroha, Setsuna, & Towa Higurashi
Moroha, Setsuna, & Towa Higurashi (Source: Pinterest)
Birth Date10th October
Birth PlaceSengoku Period of Japan
Height5 feet
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Moroha’s Magic Tools, Abilities & Powers


Sacred Arrows- Inheriting the spiritual power of her mother, she can use sacred arrows. Those arrows enable her to purify the demons. Also, her spiritual power enables her to carry the purification salt.

Toga’s Beni- Her grandfather’s Beni was gifted by her mother, Kagome. That enables her to use the entire full power of his demonic heritage. At the time, she transforms into Beniyasha.

Moroha's Beni & Red Rainbow Pearl
Moroha’s Beni & Red Rainbow Pearl (Source: Fandom)

Kurikaramaru- She wields the sword named Kurikaramaru. The sword with a dragon crest along its blade enables her to use the attack named Crimson Night Demon of National Destruction.

Red Rainbow Pearl- She also holds the Red Rainbow Pearl grants her mystical powers. She obtained the pearl by defecting one of the Perils of the demon king, Kirinmaru.


Like her father, she has a strong sense of smell that helps her to detect the demons disguised as humans. Also, similar to her mom, she can travel to the modern and Feudal eras.

Also, she is capable of using the Claws move which happens to the signature move of her father.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

She has black eyes with black hair. She stands at a height of 5 feet and has a decent weight.

Talking about her outfit, red frock. Also, she puts on a red robe.


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