Few Unknown Facts You Did Not Know About TikTok Star Addison Rae’s Mother Sheri Easterling!

Sheri Easterling started getting recognition on the social media after her daughter Addison Rae featured on her video. She herself has a Tiktok account with above five million followers on her account.

Easterling has gained fame on the social media platform after featuring on Rae’s videos. More of that, here are a few unknown facts about Easterling and her life.

Inside the life of Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling with her husband and children (Source: Wiki Buzz)

The social media star was born on September 4, 1979, and grew up in the United States. She was a registered member of the democratic party in a state of Louisiana.

Easterling has not revealed anything about her parents on the Internet. She is happily married to her husband Monty Lopez with their three kids Addison Rae, Enzo, and Lucas.

Though Easterling gained fame as a social media personality, however, her career doesn’t involve social media. She worked on an engineering field alongside managing to be a house mom to her kids. Easterling also worked as a part-time photographer.

Sheri Easterling’s Intrest

Sheri Easterling with her daughter Addison Rae (Source: Instagram)

A social media personality, Sheri is a religious person and it is a big part of her life. Her children went to the Calvary Baptist Academy where they got Christian education. However, she does not talk about religions on social media.

Furthermore, she is a sportsperson and is a big sports fan. She loves attending sports events with her family and children.

Moreover, Easterling loves adventurous and loves traveling around to explore around. She traveled to places like Aruba and Mexico with her husband. Alongside traveling, she also likes doing activities like swimming and hiking.

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Social media and net-worth of Easterling

Sheri with her husband and her children on a beach (Source: Wiki How)

Sheri Easterling has a verified Instagram account with above 700 K followers. She also has a Twitter account with above 130K followers on her account.

Furthermore, she also has her Tiktok account where she posts lip-sync, dance videos with 8.3 million followers. As per the report, she has estimated $500K net-worth in 2020.

More About Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling is an American social media personality. She first started getting public attention by featuring her daughter Addison Rae‘s Tiktok videos. Later on, she opened her own account and now has more than 5.4 million followers. See more bio…

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