The family legacy! Peter Goldwyn, grandson of Samuel Goldwyn fundraises for the West LA childcare center founded by his parents!

Regardless of the industry, working and balancing family life and taking care of kids is always a challenge for parents. The workers of Hollywood have long hours of duty and it is all the more difficult for them. Peggy and Samuel Goldwyn Jr. tried to fix this issue by opening a childcare center in Hollywood in 1991. Their son wants to continue this family legacy.

The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center

Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and Peggy founded the childcare center in Hollywood to cater to the workers in the entertainment industry. It was inaugurated in 1991 and later donated to the MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund).

Source: Hollywood Reporter [Samuel’s childcare center in West LA]
The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center has over a hundred children under its folds. These are all kids of the industry employees and it is invariably full. There is a waitlist as well. The age range of the kids attending the center is from 8 weeks to 6 years of age. Bright Horizons operates this childcare center located in West end of Los Angeles. It keeps, and takes, cate of children for as long as 12 hours. It is one of the few childcare centers, around which has such long hours of a childcare business.

Son Peter Goldwyn and his readiness to continue with the childcare center

Peter Goldwyn is the son of Samuel Jr. and the grandson of Hollywood star Samuel Goldwyn. He is eager and willing to continue his family legacy. Peter said:

At the time the center was established by my parents, there wasn’t anything like this,”

He added:

The center is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. So it fits with the actual schedule of a working parent.”

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Peter Goldwyn and his work for the childcare center

Peter, 39 is proud that the center was launched by his parents. His children who are now 10 and 7 years old also were taken care of at this center while he and his wife were working. He has increasingly taken on the role of trying to find funds to run this center and also expand it. Peter said:

My focus has really been organizing groups of alumni and parents and getting them to remain part of the Children’s Center community and to give on an annual basis to the school,”

Peter added:

It does have an endowment, and it runs a very healthy scholarship program as well, but there’s a need to keep the school modern and up to the standards that we want.”

“Becoming a parent is completely life-changing and you don’t know which end is up sometimes. To have a place that really can help you walk through the stages of your kid’s development and make you feel comfortable so you can go off and also live your life in your career is a lot of help. I’m very proud that it’s a part of my family’s legacy.”

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Motion Picture and Television Fund

In 2021, MPTF will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. They want to highlight this center in its fundraising efforts. The Chief development officer Courteney Bailey states:

“The building is fantastic, but it was built in 1991. It requires care. We recently repainted the buildings, replaced the sand and updated the elevators. They’re not the sexiest initiatives, but they’re vital.”

Prior to this, MPTF did not do much of fundraising since Goldwyn Endowment was taking care of the financial aspect of the center. But Peter is now involved in increasing awareness of this center. Courteney said:

It truly personifies our mission of taking care of our own,”

Down the road we’ve talked about having multiple locations. That’s really lofty. Right now, we have to focus on the one center and doing it right.”

Source: Hollywood reporter