Fascinating facts related to the upcoming March movie ‘Red Sparrow’!

Fascinating facts related to the upcoming March movie ‘Red Sparrow’!
  • Jennifer Lawrence will be back soon!
  • After she portrayed the lead role in 2017 Mother!
  • Jennifer Lawrence is all set to show her detective instincts in the soon-to-be-released movie ‘Red Sparrow’.
  • The film directed by Francis Lawrence is scheduled for a 2 March release in the United States.

Update: The box office report of the movie, Red Sparrow USD is estimated to be 151.6 million USD.

About the film!

Red Sparrow is a spy thriller movie that narrates the story of a Russian intelligence officer played by Jennifer, who is sent to get in touch with a CIA agent and also a ‘mole’.

Though the film garnered mixed reviews and was said to have more of ‘style rather than substance’ in it, Jennifer’s acting skills have been applauded.

Below are some new fascinating facts related to this film:

  1. This film is adapted from a 2013 novel of the same name which has been written by retired CIA Agent Jason Matthews. It is reported that even before Matthews had finished writing the novel, he had sold its rights to a production house for a seven-figure amount of money. Matthews is also a technical consultant on this film. This book is the first in a trilogy series. The other two books are Palace of Treason and The Kremlin’s candidate.

    Source: Geekgirlauthority (Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow)
  2. The story revolves around the life of a Russian ballerina named Dominika Egorova who later took up the mission of a Soviet spy and turns into an assassin. She is being controlled and manipulated by a secretive school named Sparrow School. This school teaches women to use their ‘minds and bodies’ as weapons to attack their enemies. Charlotte G-D Rampling plays the sinister head of this Sparrow School.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence had spent 4 months of her life learning the Russian accent and ballet for this movie. She worked for three hours daily for four months with Hollywood ballet instructor Kurt Froman. She did face difficulties in learning the steps.
  4. Jennifer had a dance double for this movie in Isabella Boylston.
  5. Such female secret agents who were used as a seductress were used often during the war times and were called ‘swallows’.

    Source: First Post (Jennifer Lawrence)
  6. There are striking similarities between the Red Sparrow character and one of Marvel’s Black Widow.
  7. During the filming of the film in Budapest, Jennifer Lawrence had a real-life bar fight with a man. He had asked for a picture of her and when she refused, he still kept compelling. This irritated her and she poured a glass of beer onto his head!
  8. Director Darren Aronofsky was in talks to make this movie with the novel writer but since things did not make much headway as per his expectations, he dropped out in 2014.
  9. There are no sequels yet planned for this film though it is highly suspected that there might be.
  10. The film locations were Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, as well at Heathrow airport.
  11. Jennifer Lawrence has talked about her nude scenes in the film. She said that it was a challenging role that helped her shed her insecurities. She said:

“The insecurity and fear of being judged for getting nude, what I went through, should that dictate decisions I make for the rest of my life? This movie changed that and I didn’t even realize how important changing that mentality was until it was done,”

The storyline of Red Sparrow has many twists and turns and I am sure that the viewers would like it! Happy Watching!

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