Female K-pop band Blackpink performs for the first time in the UK ; the group hopes this is not the last time!

They are Jisoo, Rose, Jennifer, and Lisa. And they are the four members of the all-girls K-pop band called Blackpink. They are now in the UK on tour and will be performing for the first time here. Their performance begins at the Wembley arena. They said that though this is the first time that they are performing in London, they do not want it to be the last one.

About the band Blackpink

The band has in a matter of few years become a superband. It was launched in South Korea and is formed by YG Entertainment. But in a matter of one year, they took the world by storm. Their first album called Square One was released on 8 August 2016. The band’s song Whistle became number one in South Korea. Their Boombayah became number one on the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart. It set a new record of the first debut music video from South Korea to be viewed the most.

Source: Manchester Evening News (Blackpink)

The group got early but well-deserved commercial success. They were honored as the New Artist of the Year both at the 31st Golden Disc Awards as well as at the 26th Seoul Music Awards.

Blackpink is one of the highest charters on the Billboard 100 and Billboard 200. They are the first female K-pop to achieve that milestone. The band is also on Bill board’s Emerging Artists Chart. Here again, they the first and only female K-pop band to do so. They have 4 number one singles on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart and are the first female K-pop group to do so. Their song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is the most watched music video by a K-pop group on YouTube. 6 billion! That is the views of their music videos on YouTube. Incredible for such a relatively fresh and new band!

About the band members

The band members of this remarkable group are Jisoo, Rose, Jennifer, and Lisa. The girls are a spirited lot and during their live performances seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. They are level-headed, modest, and mature. The female singers are all highly talented, well-rounded and also skillful performers. They do deserve a round of applause and a huge amount of respect. Their every song is complete with great and fiery choreography. The listener and watcher of their songs and performances feel awfully good for the whole time of their performance. When was it so last time? They cannot recollect!

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Source: Billboard (Blackpink)

The band members are well-synchronized in their act but they also give each other freedom to do what they like the most. They give space to one another to explore on their own and yet are a united front. They have their own identities and passions but are still so well blended into the group. This healthy approach is the beauty of the band. They also put up solo acts: the Sweet, blonde ingenue Rose does a cover of Let it Be, Lisa, the firecracker rapper of the band dances to a Nicki Minaj, Jisoo, does a cover of Zedd’s “Clarity”; while Jennifer does her single Solo.

Blackpink and their other performances and achievements

The band has done a number of performances in Seoul and Japan. Blackpink played at Coachella 2019 where they broke the record as the first ever female K-pop stars to take to the stage. Will Smith is their fan. And now in the UK. It is a good achievement for this new female band.

Source; Metro UK (Blackpink)

They have won 25 awards and received 93 nominations. They have endorsed several big brands such as Dior, Reebok, Puma and the like. The band members are into philanthropy and donated 40 million won in April 2019  to the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief to assist victims of the Sokcho wildfire in South Korea.

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