Festival of February! Real reasons behind celebration of Valentine’s Day(14th Feb)!

Festival of February! Real reasons behind celebration of Valentine’s Day(14th Feb)!
  • Every year, the 14th of February is celebrated as the day to express love, and the day is known as Valentine’s Day.
  • Nowadays, the whole week is celebrated and it starts on the 7th of February.

  1. 7th of February- Rose Day
  2. 8th of February- Propose Day
  3. 9th of February- Chocolate Day
  4. 10th of February- Teddy Day
  5. 11th of February- Promise Day
  6. 12th of February- Hug Day
  7. 13th of February- Kiss Day
  8. 14th of February- Valentine’s Day
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Young, as well as old, also celebrate the day as it has become the trend. But the fact is even if they celebrate most of the people are not aware of the origin of the celebration. How the day is celebrated with love and romance nowadays, the history of the day is equally dark and opposite.

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Why is it celebrated?

Before, Romans celebrated the festival called Lupercalia, where men sacrifice dogs and goats. Then they used to hit women with the hides of those animals. Women also used to take that pain believing that it could make them fertile.

In the late third century A.D., priests named Valentine were executed on the different years of February 14 by the Roman Emperor Claudius II.

Later in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I combined Lupercalia with Valentines’ and he stopped the orthodox belief of sacrificing animals and whipping women. Since then the festival of Valentine’s Day has continued.

St. Valentine
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Interesting Facts

Every year, approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged. This makes Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. Amongst them, most buyers are women.

It is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia, and nowadays it is popular in Asia as well.

This day is celebrated not only between girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife, and lovers but also between friends, parents to children. Basically, it is celebrated to show your loved ones how special they are to you.

Is Valentines Day Overrated?

Valentine's Day
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People celebrate Valentine’s Day to show their love for their special ones. But on the other days, they tend to forget. Do you have to wait until 14th February to express your love to your loved ones? Every day should be like Valentine’s Day(full of love).

  1. Those who are not in a relationship feel isolated during that day.
  2. Some, of those who are in a relationship stress out as they do not have an idea of how to make their loved one feel special. Also, nowadays because of their workload, they cannot manage much of their time.

‘Like newly weds, like newly couples’ who are going to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day

Tips to celebrate the day in the best way economically

Those who are in a relationship, as well as single, can celebrate the day. As it is a festival, why not make it a memorable one?

There are different ways to celebrate the day. But we are giving a couple of advice to make your day more special.

Those who have partners must have already decided how to celebrate the day, but still can consider the following as the plus points:

  1. Decorate the room with notes full of love and heart-shaped balloons. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered with lovely notes of love? The day will be well spent without any disturbance as well.
  2. Take your loved ones for a walk during sunset time and have a quality talk. This is the best way to spend time if both of you are working.
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