The filming set of I’m a Celebrity in the East Coast of Australia in jeopardy due to the wild fires!

The filming set of I’m a Celebrity in the East Coast of Australia in jeopardy due to the wild fires!
  • The shooting for the ITV’s popular show I’m a Celebrity is to start soon.
  • The show will air in November this year but there are reports that the shooting location on the East Australian coast is in jeopardy due to the wild bushfires.

The sets for the show I’m a Celebrity

This year the show I’m a celebrity will premiere in November. The rumored cast this season are Blue’s Duncan James, football star Ian Wright, and also Love Island star, Maura Higgins.

Maura was at the TV Choice Awards recently and she said:

I’ve heard a lot of things that I’m supposedly meant to be going on and you know what, who knows.”

The sets for I’m a Celebrity is located in Australia on the east coast where the wildfires have caused havoc [Source: Edition CNN]
This season Ant McPartlin is doing a comeback. Last year, Holly Willoughby replaced him after the relevant authorities charged Ant with drink-drive.

The filming location of the popular show on ITV I’m a Celebrity is a banana plantation and the show producers spent £ 7 million on it to convert it into a working studio. It is located on the East coast of Australia.

Out-of-control bush infernos are engulfing the Australian eastern coast and rapidly spreading. 42 fires have taken place and hundreds of people have evacuated the affected areas.

The fires could soon reach the jungle camp and filming could land in a jeopardy. The producers may have to move locations to avoid fires.

What do sources reveal about the jungle camp?

The Bush fires are getting very close to the jungle camp set and the fire service of New South Wales is struggling to extinguish them or at least bring them under control.

A source revealed to The Sun:

The fires are pretty scary right now.

“They’re a bit of a law unto themselves and a change of wind direction can send them on a collision course with the camp.

“ITV’s jungle is actually a banana plantation that cost £7million to turn into a working TV studio so if the fire gets any closer to it there will be some very worried executives.

“For now they’re crossing their fingers that the weather helps them and the firefighters keep on top of the worst of it.”

42 fires have involved the bushes and forests in Australia on the east coast and hundreds had to be evacuated [Source: Washington Post]

What do the show producers say?

Last week, the show people confirmed that the jungle camp set is safe for now. They said that the fire as yet not reached it. A spokesperson for the show said:

“We are in contact with the New South Wales fire brigade and we ­currently have no immediate cause for concern.”

NSW fire service is trying to bring the bush infernos under control [Source: Bloomberg]
But now, things have changed and the fear of the wildfires engulfing the set looms high. Will it be spared or not? No one can say as of now.

Source: Heart UK

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