Finally!!! Parker Schnabel is ready to marry at a very young age

Finally!!! Parker Schnabel is ready to marry at a very young age
  • A famous star from Gold Rush named Parker Schnabel is well known and famous for his career because, at a very young age, he reached his career to an extreme point, and not only his professional life is perfect, his personal life is too praiseworthy.

Though he is dedicated to his career and a focused person in his own field. Also, he has not lacked any ladies in his life. Today, we will be writing about Parker’s marital life as he agreed to marry at a very young age.

Let’s dig deep into his life to know in detail!

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A glance at his love life which turned into marital life

Parker Schnabel, who used to help in his grandfather’s mine business is now ready to get married. Might be, that this job is his lucky job as he found someone with whom he can spend his entire life.

He was dating a gorgeous lady named Aussie blonde Ashley Yule. When they were asked at their first meeting, the couple replied:

“Ashley and I met in Australia. We hit it off pretty well so I invited her over to spend some time in North America. Neither one of us knew what to expect but we had a lot of fun — she’s super easygoing, which is what you need out at a place like that. Ashley just rolls with the punches and helps out where she’s needed. If we need her to drive trucks she’ll drive trucks. She ended up cleaning gold a lot of the summer or helping do fuel things or whatever we needed her around the place. She stayed busy and tried to stay out of my way when I’m in rage mode. Yeah, it was fun. It was a good summer. I’m really glad Ashley was there for it.”

He also provided many clues to his fans and followers saying:

“You know, I wanted to get out to the gold fields in Australia,”

“I didn’t know anybody over there, so I didn’t end up going out and looking at any ground. But, I definitely would have liked to have gone to look at some operations and stuff. I’m always interested to see what people do in other countries. Last winter I spent in New Zealand and went to a bunch of gold mines there, and that was a ton of fun — a really good experience.

Marriage on cards?

Looking at their intimacy and relationship, fans are very curious about their marriage and he revealed that he is not going to get married he shared his live Q/A on Facebook and opened up:

“I’m not getting married anytime soon. I did just spend Christmas and New Years with Ashley over in Australia though. So that was a lot of fun.” [Later, Parker is asked again and laughs when he says “never.”

Similarly, being honest, he wrote:

“That’s unlikely, to be honest.”

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Why did Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule break up?

Parker and Ashley were in a romantic relationship. They also came out in public about their dating affair, however, the relationship could not last. Hence, Parker revealed their split in 2018. And we will tell you why they decided to separate.

The ex-couple’s main reason for their breakup is said to be Parker’s carelessness. He said in an interview that he did not give priority to Ashley or their relationship while they were together.

And who would want to be with a guy who won’t respect you or the relationship?

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Parker and Ashley amid split

Parker is currently single. Even if he is dating or has a girlfriend, he has kept his romantic life low-key. Rumors were that he is dating Sheena Cowell. However, the reports turned out to be false.

Ashley moved to Australia and she resides with her family. Her love for dancing is never-ending, so she has started to dance.

She posted a photo on a beach with the caption,

“If anyone’s been looking for me, I’ve been here since December,”

Update 2022: Parker has a new girlfriend. He is presently rumored to be dating a girl named Brit Sheena Cowell. In August, the Gold Rush star shared a racy photo of himself and Brit.

Fans have speculated that the two may be dating.

Short Bio on Parker Schnabel

Handsome Parker Schnabel fold miner who hails from America. He garnered a lot of fame and popularity for his appearance in the Discovery Channel’s reality series, Gold Rush. More Bio…