First daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump’s “Why I Disagree with my Dad” is bothering public in a drastic way. Check out about this trending cover!

First daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump’s “Why I Disagree with my Dad” is bothering public in a drastic way. Check out about this trending cover!
  • Girl power, you go girl!
  • The issue feature of US Weekly is driving people crazy by its cover declaring the headline “Ivana Takes A Stand: Why I Disagree With My Dad.”
  • As a first daughter, Ivanka never sat down for an interview with the magazine.

Ivanka Trump takes her own stand!

Ivanka Trump as the first daughter of her father, Donald Trump, doesn’t support him in each and every decision taken by him. Ivanka Trump focuses on both personal and professional ideals and supports her father according to her terms.

She claims that she has her own personal ideals regarding love and loyalty to her father. She also says that she always fights for what she believes in instead of believing or fully being dependent on her father’s opinions and ideas.

Moreover, Ivanka Trump chooses her battles with her father on how she makes her voice being heard on issues and features that play a vital role in her life, and how frustrated she is, just like the rest of the public only because of ex-President Donald Trump’s nature of being short-tempered.

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Silent effect by Ivanka Trump on father, Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump has always been to serve as an unpaid adviser to his father, President Donald Trump. It is believed that many businesswomen try to manipulate the President’s decisions and opinions on some social issues, including LGBT and women’s rights.

Ivanka Trump had tried to sway her father to remain in the Paris Agreement (which President Donald Trump withdrew from last week).

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The Us Weekly magazine has also stated that Ivanka Trump doesn’t support her father’s positions on global warming and the Syrian refugee crisis.

And this information may be true which is not discovered by any interview but from the indication of the cover of Ivanka Trump itself.

The information and the situations are discovered or found from various Ivanka’s prior interviews with other media outlets and combined them to create a narrative about her protesting the president.


To back up this story, the magazine first quotes a former Trump Organization VP as telling Harper’s Bazaar back in September (before her father was elected),

“She knows exactly what to say to get what she wants.”

The publication then goes on to cite an April interview with NBC in which Ivanka said,

“I think there is a global humanitarian crisis… and we have to solve it.”

This comment, according to the outlet, was the first daughter’s way of sending a message to her father about not banning refugees from entering the United States.

Magazine cover of Ivanka Trump are trolled with memes

As the new cover of Ivanka Trump is taking media in a very different direction, it is also getting trolled with the help of many memes. It gives an indication of some situations, conditions and maybe the thoughts.

Twitterati started posting photos of famous TV and movie characters who also dealt with evil (or at least misguided) fathers. and the caption is “Why I Disagree With My Dad.” without any doubt.

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Short Bio on Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is an American businesswoman, former reality TV personality, and socialite.  She has also established herself as a successful author and fashion model. She is the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump. More Bio…

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