Five Emotional phases of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown!

The Coronavirus OutBreak; Many Films, Concerts, And Tours Are On Pause In The Recent Time!
  • COVID-19 has been plaguing humans now for the past 7 months.
  • What started in Wuhan in December 2019 has now enveloped the world and affected every aspect of human life.
  • It has severely shaken people and affected their mental well-being.

Restriction of mobility has taken its toll and most people have undergone the following five emotional stages due to the pandemic and lockdown.

COVID-19 and the miseries

COVID-19 has caused a lot of misery at the international, national, family, and individual levels. Besides health and economic problems, there has been a lot of emotional tension associated with it.

The movement control orders also were a cause of excess worry for many. Most humans went through the following five stages of emotions.

In some, some stages were skipped while some continued to remain at one stage for a longer time. Some even went back to the previous stages in between.

So what are these five stages that most people worldwide experienced during the lockdown?

Coronavirus (Source: BBC)

Five emotional stages of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdown and movement restrictions made people go through hell.

They all were emotionally disturbed and most of them had the following phases through which they went during the last 6-7 months.

These included stages of shock and bewilderment, anger and confusion, sadness and boredom, acceptance, and now some optimism.

China during coronavirus infection [Source: Edmonton Journal]

Covid-19: Stage of shock and bewilderment

When at the end of December 2019 and early January 2020, news broke that a deadly virus is causing agony in China, people were alarmed.

Later, it came to be known that the virus is rapidly spreading and engulfing the world. The people’s shock phase continued. They began seeking more information on it and websites and social media were full of news on it-both reliable or fake.

Stage of anger and confusion

Soon, one after another, governments started imposing lockdown and movement restrictions on people. People were obviously angry and there was also a lot of confusion.

Many people started desperate moves to reach their homes before travel is halted and international borders are closed. The stay-at-home orders upset many and frustrations peaked.

Family discords came to the forefront and domestic violence cases were on the rise. People started venting their anger and frustrations on social media.

Coronavirus lockdown in Beijing, China (Source: Getty images)

Stage of sadness and boredom

As the lockdown continued with no sight of an end to it, people went into sadness and a feeling of boredom. Many even began sobbing and felt crippled and tied.

They found their future bleak and many even thought of ending their lives. Depression and mental health issues cropped up. People were trying to find ways to keep themselves busy and occupied until the lockdown is eased.

Stage of acceptance

As time went by, people realized that there is no option but to accept one’s destiny and learned to live with the lockdown.

They had discovered their own means to try to remain happy. Many even realized that it is better to be with one’s family and enjoy the time with them.

Anxiety due to coronavirus [Source: Success magazine]
People have to accept the new normal way of living otherwise it would be hard. Therefore, people started to live with the lockdown and make it their way of life. Some smiles on faces returned.

Stage of optimism

Now as the lockdown is easing in phases and at places, people are now looking with optimism at this new changing world.

They hope that things settle soon and coronavirus would stop its pace of affliction of humans. They are looking forward to restarting businesses and seeing their kids go to school and college.

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