“Flip or Flop” is Just not over yet! All the Cancellation Report False…Tarek and Christina El Moussa Negotiating Next Season: ‘Show Is Not Ending’

The popular HGTV show Flip or Flop is doing great. Though there have been rumors going around about the show being over, it’s not over yet!

Lots of tabloids have reported the news but still, it is not over just yet. Gossip Cop has corrected this fake report.

Source: cheatsheet
Source: cheatsheet (Tarek and Christina El Moussa)

About the show

Despite reports coming in various news site claiming thatTarek and Christina El Moussa‘s HGTV show will not be back for the eighth season, multiple sources have revealed to ET that the estranged couple is negotiating about moving forward with the series.

A source told ET,

“They [Tarek and Christina] are in contract negotiations. The show is not ending.”

Source: ibtimes
Source: ibtimes (Tarek and Christina El Moussa)

Another source close to the show disclosed that Flip or Flop is still actively shooting season seven.

The new issue of In Touch magazine put forth a “world exclusive,” titled, “‘Flip Or Flop’ Shocker: The Show Is Over!”

The same headline is put inside the edition, where it’s alleged Christina and Tarek El Moussa’s,

“behind the scenes drama on ‘Flip or Flop’ has become so bad it’s forced them to shut down the show.”

Calling this a “well-kept secret,” the magazine has claimed

“there are no plans for a new season of the hit HGTV show after season 7 airs later this year.”

It quotes a high-level network:

“They won’t go beyond what they’ve already shot, Christina and Tarek won’t be filming more episodes. Season 7 is their last.”

Another “production source” is said to have asserted,

“‘Flip or Flop’ is wrapped with no intention of coming back… ‘Flip Or Flop’ is canceled.”

The tabloid further states that Christina wants her own show and is working towards it.

“She’s shopping around an interior design show. She’s drawing a lot of interest and feels HGTV will let her out of her contract.”

Source: inquisitr
Source: inquisitr (Christina El Moussa)

Gossip Cop has learned, that there has been no decision about the fate of “Flip Or Flop” at this time. While there’s a possibility that season 7 may end up being the last, an eighth season has not been officially ruled out, and talks are ongoing.

However, TheWrap had asked two separate sources close to the situation who negated the report.

Source: thechiron
Source: thechiron (Tarek and Christina El Moussa)

“It’s false,”

Another individual with some knowledge of the situation stated to TheWrap that the series is still in production.

The reason for the doubt on the continuation of the series came after Tarek and Christina — who shares a 6-year-old daughter, Taylor, and a 1-year-old son, Brayden — announced their divorce in December.

The Relationship of the Hosts

This month, Christina spoke exclusively with ET about the show spinoffs and whether she thinks they’ll have any impact on her and Tarek’s future on the show.

Source: webuyuglyhouses
Source: webuyuglyhouses (Tarek and Christina El Moussa)

“There’s a few things up in the air and some offers we’re working on, so we’ll just see,”

Regarding her relationship with Tarek, she insisted they are “really good.”

“We’re actually getting along really, really well right now,”

She added that they will continue to work together amicably by “letting go of past resentment, living in the future and remembering that kids are the priority.”

In May Tarek had threatened suicide with a gun and police was called in. The call was made after Tarek took a gun from the couple’s Orange County, Calif., home and wandered into Chino Hills State Park.

Tarek told the police that he headed to the park to “blow off some steam,” and that he brought the gun with him as protection against mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

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Source:tmz (Tarek and Christina El Moussa)

The couple filed divorce papers in January.

“Flip or Flop,” premiered in 2013 and revolves around the El Moussas, real estate agents who buy distressed properties, renovate them and resell them in the process earning money.

Following news of the split, HGTV said that the show “will continue production as scheduled.”

“We admire and appreciate Tarek and Christina’s great work on ‘Flip or Flop, When it comes to matters related to their own family, we respect their privacy and honor any decision that works best for them and their children. HGTV is currently airing episodes of ‘Flip or Flop’ and the series will continue production as scheduled.”

Source: thewrap
Source: thewrap (Tarek and Christina El Moussa)

In February, HGTV said about its plan to launch five spinoffs of the show, which will be situated in Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Texas and Las Vegas, and are scheduled to premiere this year and next.

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Short bio on Tarek El Moussa

California-born Tarek El Moussa was born on August 21, 1981. He possesses an American nationality. Young and handsome Tarek is a real-estate agent. According to the timeline of “Flip or Flop”, he worked as a real-estate agent until the financial crisis in 2008. Afterward, he was on TV, flipping homes from start to finish. As of now, he is a popular TV personality.

Presently, Tarek is prominent in the media as the host of the TV series, “Flip or Flop”. He alongside his wife, Christina are running the show since 2013. More bio…

Short bio on Christina El Moussa

California-born Christina El Moussa was born on July 9, 1983. She possesses an American nationality. Young and Sexy Christina is a real-estate agent. According to the timeline of “Flip or Flop”, she worked as real-estate until the financial crisis in 2008. Afterward, she was into TV, flipping homes from start to finish. As of now, she is a popular TV personality.

Presently, Christina is a prominent figure in the media as the host of the TV series, “Flip or Flop”. She alongside her husband, Tarek is running the show since 2013. More bio…