Another attack! A former camera assistant on Ellen show endorses that the show has a toxic working environment!

Ellen DeGeneres behaves badly not only with her employees but also with the audience!
  • There has been another attack and confirmation of the toxic environment which prevails on the Ellen DeGeneres show.
  • A former camera assistant who did not reveal her identity stated that basic rights are denied on the show.
  • She compared the environment to that shown in the film The Devil Wears Prada.

Ellen has already submitted an apology and Warner Brothers is investigating. The show owners have sacked three producers.

The Ellen DeGeneres show and a former camera assistant

An anonymous former camera assistant on the show Ellen DeGeneres show called up the hosts of the Australian radio show Stav, Abby & Matt and talked about the toxic working environment on Ellen DeGeneres show.

She said her stay on the show was a tortuous one. Many people continue to cling on despite all odds because they want to build their resumes.

If they leave the show too soon, it will negatively impact their career since the show has high ratings and is very popular.

She said:

‘I worked there for a little over a year,’

‘At the show there is a culture of competition. You are constantly reminded that the show is this behemoth, and it will be there with or without you.’

Ellen [Source: Fox News]
She said that working on the sets of the show reminded her of the 2006 film, The Devil Wears Prada. In this film, Meryl Streep plays a demanding and offensive senior.

It was, rumored that the movie was based on the behavior of Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

She added:

‘It’s kind of like The Devil Wears Prada. Everyone is trying to make it to the [end of a] year.

‘It’s just a badge of honor to have that and have it on your resume.’

More about what the former employee said!

The lady on the phone line had an American accent. She added that it was sad and disappointing to know that no one wanted at that time to trust what the victims said of the show. And it continued and became worse with time.

Further, the former employee said that the film industry had an extremely bad name. Additionally, she said that the show shift was daily of ten hours.

Ellen [Source: TV Line]
She said:

‘But it’s more than that. It’s basic rights; being paid overtime, water on a hot day. If you ask for that, you’re told, well, there’s the door.’

Revealing more about the time on the show, she said that Ellen never allowed any employee to enter her room. She said that she had never met the comedy during her stint there.

The lady disclosed:

‘But it’s more than that. It’s basic rights; being paid overtime, water on a hot day. If you ask for that, you’re told, well, there’s the door.’

‘Sometimes her bodyguards come forward first and you kind of see them and you know to leave and that’s it.’

The show and the recent scandal

In recent months, the show has gained a scandalous image when employees came forward and spoke about the foul environment on the show.

People and employees have accused Ellen, 64 of bullying and racism. Behind the scenes, things are not rosy. Ellen has already given her apology to the show workers. And Warner Brothers have begun an investigation into all the allegations.

The former camera assistant said:

‘Ellen has no idea who most of the staff are. She really has no idea who we are.’

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss and Ellen [Source: DListed]
A former producer, Hedda Muskat claimed that Ellen had a toxic nature. In the meantime, the owners of the show have given the pink clip to three producers on the show. Some have supported Ellen during this crisis but many support the employees.