Former TOWIE star Ricky Rayment shares with his fans about his medical condition of Alopecia!

Former TOWIE star Ricky Rayment suffers from alopecia. He has bravely now talked about it and how it is to live with alopecia. He said that he is very self-conscious about it. The medical condition is causing him spot baldness and there is a localized hair loss on his scalp. Hang on and read on to know more about the condition.

Ricky Rayment and his alopecia

The actor Ricky Rayment who had appeared in TOWIE series has alopecia which means excessive hair loss leading to areas of baldness. He is absolutely self-conscious of his condition. But despite that, he with courage spoke about it. He shared it with his fans. Ricky took to social media to talk about it. He uploaded a photo of him in a clean-shaven look. He said that he suffers from baldness in patches and the bald areas are about the size of a coin.

Ricky Rayment [Source: Metro UK]
Additionally, he said that he usually grows a beard to hide his condition. The caption of his post read:

“Embracing my alopecia!

“I normally always have a beard to try and hide it but I thought f**k it, who cares!! I know it’s only a few patches and people suffer a lot worse than me but it is something that I’m very self conscious about.

“So I thought I’d do a post about it so that maybe it would help other sufferers embrace it and say the same as me: F U Alopecia!!

“Who cares, we living babyyyy! let’s get it champs, the show goes on.”

Praise from Ricky’s fans

Ricky, 29 posted the details about his alopecia. And soon, the comments section of the post was flooded with praise for the star for sharing his condition truthfully with his followers. One of his fans wrote:

“Embrace it! You’re still you, still probably have a heart of gold.”

Ricky Rayment [Source: OK magazine]
And another fan posted:

“You look so amazing and you’re an amazing role model not just to me but to everyone else. keep up the good work!”

And a third fan commented:

“Looks sick bro the show goes on.”

He received heaps of praise and encouragement for his post.

Ricky and his life

The actor was born on 31 August 1990 and would be 30 years of age this year. His birthplace is England in the UK. His best and most popular role was on TOWIE. And his nickname in the show was The Captain. He worked on it until 2015. At the time of leaving the show he tweeted:

“Very exciting times ahead, looking forward to announcing some exciting news.”

And in the second tweet, he wrote:

“I can confirm I’ve decided to take a break from TOWIE,I would like to thank the shows producers, the whole crew & cast!

“Gonna miss you all.”

Jessica Wright and Marnie Simpson [Source: The Sun UK]
Ricky was previously dating Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson. He had also proposed to her and she said yes. But they called off their engagement and split in 2015. Prior to this relationship, he was in a relationship with Jessica Wright.

Later, Ricky started his own fishing clothing line called Filthy Hooker.