French Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj, Known for Dozens of Murders in the 70s, Freed from a Nepalese Prison!

French Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj, Known for Dozens of Murders in the 70s, Freed from a Nepalese Prison!
Charles Sobhraj freed from Nepalese jail. source:
  • Charles Sobhraj, The Serpent, walks free from a Nepalese Prison.
  • Famously known as the Bikini Killer, Charles is responsible for many murders in Asia in the 1970s.
  • Sobhraj spent 19 years in Nepal for the killing of two foreigners in 1975.

Charles Sobhraj freed from a Nepalese prison after 19 years

Serial Killer, Charles Sobhraj, 78, finally gets freedom from prison life after a court ruled in favor of his old age and good behavior.

Famously known as the Bikini Killer, Charles has been in Nepal for 19 years since 2003 for murdering two North Americans in 1975.

The French nationalist whose murder stories inspired the TV drama, The Serpent, used to rob and kill mostly young Western backpackers on the hippie trail in India and Thailand.

Sobhraj was serving jail sentences, each 20 years, in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal for the 1975 murder of an American woman named Connie Jo Bronzich, and her Canadian backpacker friend, Laurent Carriere.

Charles Sobhraj
Sobhraj is guilty of many murders in Asia. source: BBC

He served a sentence in a high-security prison for Carriere’s murder.

But after fighting for years, Charles’ legal team successfully filed a petition claiming he should be free considering his health issues.

Nepal’s law provision allows prisoners who display good behavior and complete 75% of their jail term to be freed.

The Court’s verdict read:

“Keeping him in the prison continuously is not in line with the prisoner’s human rights,”

Sobhraj had heart surgery in 2017 and it became one of the main reasons why his legal team fought for his release.

The serial killer also expressed his gratitude about being given his freedom but would be willing to take legal action against the Nepalese government.

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Why Sobhraj is The Bikini Killer and The Serpent

The Bikini Killer was responsible for more than 20 killings between 1972 and 1982, in which he used to drug, strangle, beat, or burn the victims.

The reason why Charles was called The Serpent or the Bikini Killer was for his deceptive disguises, and ability to escape jail, and target young women.

His story later became the title for a 2021 hit Netflix and BBC series about him.

Before spending years in a Nepalese prison for two convictions, the serial killer was already spending his sentence in an Indian jail for poisoning a bus full of French tourists.

Charles Sobhraj
Charles will now spend the rest of his life in France. source: BBC

But cunning Sobhraj was able to escape the tightly secured prison by drugging the prison guards.

He later described the escape as a part of his plan to extend his punishment. This was because he wanted to avoid extradition to Thailand where he murdered five more people.

The Thai government was searching for him in the mid-1970s in the case of drugging and killing six young women. Authorities found some of the bodies on a  beach near the resort town of Pattaya.

In 1997, after coming out from the Indian prison, Sobhraj flew to his home country France where he lived in Paris and even gave paid interviews to many publications.

But his luck didn’t favor him when he came to Nepal where police arrested him for Bronzich’s murder in 2003. A reporter in a casino saw him which proved to be his bad luck.

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