George Clooney suffers a motorbike accident in Italy-The details here!

America’s beloved actor George Clooney had a motorbike accident in Italy! A video footage of it has emerged and shows George Clooney thrown off his bike and hitting the windshield of the Mercedes car that was in the wrong lane. George was driving the motorbike at a velocity of 60 mph.

The collision with a Mercedes car

George suffered an accident with a Mercedes car when he was driving a motorbike on the Italian island of Sardinia. He was here for the filming of the TV adaptation of ‘Catch-22’ which would be a Hulu Limited series.

Source: ABC News Go (The accident site)

A video footage of this accident has been leaked to an Italian newspaper and is from a roadside CCTV footage. The footage reveals the dark-colored Mercedes car pulling into a wrong turn and makes a turn and then hesitates. The driver then realizes that there are two mopeds coming towards it. The first moped driver manages to swirl his bike and it does not hit the car. But the second biker which was George did not have time enough to take a deviation and went head-on into the car.

George was thrown off his bike and fell on to the car’s windshield. The accident took place on the state road to Costa Corallina, in the province of Olbia. The car driver was good and offered assistance and even called an ambulance for Clooney.

George, 57 was hospitalized at the John Paul II hospital and observed in the emergency room. He had slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises over his one leg and arm. An MRI was performed on the actor and there were no internal injuries. He was fortunate enough to not have serious injuries and was discharged home to recuperate.

The official statement from the Italian Police authorities

The Italian police released a statement which said:

“At 8.15am George Clooney was riding his scooter on the State Road 125 towards Olbia from Puntaldia. A car (a Mercedes E SW) did not respect the right of way and hit him. George Clooney fell and slammed the windshield of the Mercedes. The car driver called the 112, the emergency number of Carabinieri, and they sent the Municipal Police, an ambulance and the Fire Dept. MRI was negative, and he is not seriously injured. George Clooney has already been discharged and he stays well.”

His wife Amal rushes to his side

George’s wife Amal Clooney was anxious and immediately rushed to his side for support. After he was given the green signal, the couple left the hospital from a side exit of the hospital in a private car. A representative from George’s side said:

“He was treated and released from an Olbia hospital. He is recovering at home and will be fine.”

Source: Emirates Women (George and Amal)

It is not only George’s wife but also their one-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander, and George’s parents who have joined George to be with him for the shoot on the Italian island. It is like a vacation for them there.

Short Bio on George Clooney

George Clooney is an American actor, filmmaker, activist, and philanthropist. He is famous for playing Dr. Doug Ross in the ER from 1994 to 1999, then 2000, and 2009. He is also known for his appearances in the films From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Gravity (2013), The Monuments Men (2014), Batman & Robin (1997). More bio…