Gillian Turner: Know Everything About Her! Her Relationship Status, Boyfriend, Career,Childhood Everything Here!

Gillian Turner is a very intelligent lady, she is a Vice President of Fox News and a Senior Associate with Jones Group International. Prior, she worked as an Acting Director of the Legislative Affairs in the White House National Security Council throughout the Presidential Administration of Barack Obama as well as George W. Bush.

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Gillian’s Personal History

Gillian Turner was born on September 6, 1982, in Cape Town, South Africa. Her mother and father both are authors. In the year 2006, she graduated from her high school and joined Columbia University in New York City. Then she graduated with the degree of BA in Comparative Politics from Columbia University. She did her master’s degree from University of Cape Town, South Africa.


Gillian started her career as the Reseach Associate of the White House National Security Council (NSC) in Washington D.C, from July 2006. She worked for three and a half years then due to her hard work, she was promoted to a Director(Acting) in January 2009 to May 2010.

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During the Bush administration, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Office of the National Security Adviser, where she was one of the youngest ever winners of the National Security Council Outstanding Service Award.The position which compelled her to travel to over ten countries across Europe and the Middle East with the President on numerous foreign policy-related visits to associated countries.

She became a part of White House National Security of Barack Obama in 2006 and continued on the NSC staff through the transition of Administrations. She worked there as the Acting Director of Legislative Affairs, a role that she accepted and maintained for almost two years.

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In this position, she acted as a liaison between the National Security Adviser and the Congress on issues associated with national security and foreign policy, and her portfolio included the House of Representatives’ relevant committees of jurisdiction. In 2010, She left the NSC.

Current Job

After her completion of education, she joined Jones Group International. When she joined, she was the youngest Associate at Jones Group International.

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Her profile is to provide expertise on national security, international affairs, and energy policy issues to the firm’s clients.

Relationship Status and the Net worth

Gillian’s salary is estimated to be $300k and her net worth is around $1.5 million as per the data of 2016.

Turner is not married yet however, some has revealed that she is in a relationship with her boyfriend. He is also a media personality and they are together for a long time. The couple got engaged in 2016, however, she has not revealed her fiance’s name.

Short bio on Gillian Tuner

Gillian Turner is a Fox News contributor. She is currently working with Jones Group International, where she is a Senior Associate. She is a former National Security Council staffer for both Presidents Bush and ex-president Barack Obama. Turner is the vice president of Jones Group International, a global strategy firm. More bio…