A Glimpse back at Danielle Fishel’s Wedding. Still together or divorced?

A Glimpse back at Danielle Fishel’s Wedding. Still together or divorced?

Marriage is something adorable thing that every creature on this dreams about. It starts after falling in love. Everyone has feelings and emotions regarding love life. Marriage is such a thing where couples exchange vows promising that they would support each other in every sorrow and happiness.

But some people face a lot of marital problems which led straight to divorce. Similarly, we address the marital life of Danielle Fishel, who got married to her husband after the conviction that he is the one made for her and later realized that she made a wrong choice, ending their marriage in a divorce.

Curious about the reason behind the divorce? Keep reading to find out!

Glance at Danielle’s marital life

Danielle first met her so-called husband Tim Belusko at the California State University in Fullerton. Danielle’s husband was her math tutor and unknowingly the love floating in the air. Danielle and Tim got engaged in May 2012, after dating for almost three years.

Gushing about her engagement with Tim, Danielle said that she was instantly drawn to her then-boyfriend Tim’s calf as he had a Mortal Kombat tattoo that touched her heart.

“When he did it, I dropped down to my knees and cried.”

Moreover, she mentioned about two tattoos of her own,

“I actually have two of my own, which I would get laser-removed, but I’m afraid they’ll look weird,” she says in the April issue. “I have one on the back of my neck, and I have a tramp stamp.”

Danielle exchanged wedding vows with Tim Belusko back on October 19, 2013, amidst family, friends, and loved ones in a short and sweet wedding ceremony in Los Angeles.

Talking about the wedding, Danielle said,

“The most important thing is that the day feels authentic to us. We’re traditional, but also a bit wacky!”

Moreover, she added,

“Tim is the one. He accepts me for exactly who I am!”

As Tim was younger than Danielle and many bad comments were there rather than blessings and she said:

“People are giving me shit for marrying someone younger than I am. Tim is mature, responsible, loving, & kind.”

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Are they still together or already divorced?

The marriage which was speculated by Danielle to be a perfect one did not go the way she thought it would, and the couple suffered a split. As per reports back in May 2016, Danielle filed for an uncontested divorce in October 2015 in Orange Country, California.

The divorce of Danielle and Tim was finalized on March 17, 2016. After the divorce, Danielle is now busy with her series “Girls Meets The World.” In addition to that, this American ethnicity actress is active on social media platforms as well.

Recently, on the occasion of mother’s day, Danielle wrote a few words showing gratitude to her mother, Jen Fishel via Instagram on May 14, 2017. However, she is yet to have kids of her own in her life.

Update on Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel is now dating Jensen Karp. She has got engaged in March 2018 to Jensen who is an executive producer.

Short Bio on Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel is an American actress, author, chef, director, and television personality who is eminent for her work as an actress playing the role of Topanga Lawrence-Matthews on the 90s teen sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’ along with its successor ‘Disney’s ‘Girl Meets World’. Being the host of ‘The Dish’, she is also a reporter on the YouTube channel ‘PopSugar Girls Guide’. More Bio…