Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi shares on her social media that she is now ‘officially divorced’!

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is in high spirits these days! The court has passed her divorced and she shared it with her fans on the social media.

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi  and her divorce completion

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi has managed to get her divorce from her ex-husband Shalom Yeroushalmi. It had been a difficult two-year battle for divorce from Golnesa before she finally managed to get it. She announced on her Instagram that she has now got officially divorced from Shalom. The Shahs of Sunset was married to her ex-husband for not 7 years bout only 7 weeks before they chose to quit!

Golnesa wrote:

“Let me say this loud… HALLELUJAH!!! I am officially divorced!!!!!!! Married for 7 weeks and trying to get divorced for nearly 2 years,”

She put up a picture of the quote:

“hell hath no fury like the attorney of a woman scorned.”

She did not forget to thank her attorney who helped her to get the divorce. She wrote:

“Thank you Atousa for everything you had to go thru in order to get me divorced. You seriously deserve a degree in psychology as well lol!”

Source: Eonline (Golnesa and Shalom)

Golnesa stated that she had promised to not say anything bad about the person whom she had married before and added:

“I pray he finds happiness in life.”

She continued:

“Now, let’s get that divorce party planned!!! #IDoIDidImDone #WhyYouMadTho,” 

She wanted to celebrate the happy occasion with a party with her close friends and relatives.

Golnesa and her relationship with Shalom

Golnesa and Shalom stayed in the same residential complex for many years and had met in the elevator of their apartment. They talked and began dating soon after.

Source: Bravo TV (Golnesa and Shalom)

They got engaged and one month after their engagement they got married in January 2017. But within two months of their marriage, they had called it quits. In May 2017, Golnesa filed for divorce from Shalom and put the reasons as irreconcilable differences.

When asked by PEOPLE magazine in July 2017 the reason for such a quick divorce post-marriage, Golnesa had said:

“In the simplest terms that I can put it, I would say submissions breeds resentment,”

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She added:

“I have never believed in marriage. I did something to make someone else happy and I completely regretted it afterwards. I knew what I did was wrong and it wasn’t for me or for my happiness, but for someone else, and I guess for one moment I thought maybe someone else’s happiness will do it for me. And it didn’t,”

Source: People (Golnesa)

It was a whirlwind romance which ended soon in a drama. Golnesa said that they were in love and had attempted to make the relationship work but in vain. She justified:

“I know it sounds silly because it was such a short relationship, but it happened so fast and the intensity of everything that happened — what would happen in a four-year timeframe happened in a four-month timeframe,” Gharachedaghi said. “We went to a therapist that we’d been seeing for two months and we were trying. I was giving it every chance to fix things and see what can come of it. I just couldn’t — things couldn’t change.”

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