Great Motherhood!! A journalist and news presenter, Jacinta Tynan with her partner Liam Timms are happily living with their two sons!!

Jacinta Tynan, grand-niece of John O’Grady

A journalist and news presenter, Jacinta Tynan who works for Sky News Australia. Jacinta Tynan is also the grand-niece of author John O’Grady.

He wrote the best-selling comic classic, They’re a Weird Mob, under the name Nino Culotta. He is known for satirical books such as Aussie English and Aussie Etiket.

Therefore a career of explaining the Australian culture of his time.

Source: (Jacinta Tynan)
Source: (Jacinta Tynan)

Love affair with Liam Timms

Tynan is having romantic love affairs with her partner Liam Timms since the mid-2000s. They are dating each other as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

As a loving couple, they have already welcomed two children together. To be his loving wife, She also expressed her desire getting married to him.

Source: Gladstone Observer (Jacinta Tynan)
Source: Gladstone Observer (Jacinta Tynan)

Her motherhood

A proud mother to her two amazing sons, Jacinta writes frequently on her experience of raising her kids and motherhood in general.

Her firstborn son named Jasper Jerome Pep Timms was born in 2009 right after she presented for Sky News Australia.

The new mother shared her experience with motherhood in media and delightfully wrote in a Sydney Morning Herald article that she was finding motherhood to be a breeze.

Her second son is named Otis Liam Francis Timms. Liam is a real estate agent and a fund manager in International Tower Sydney.

Source: (Jacinta Tynan with her two sons)
Source: (Jacinta Tynan with her two sons)

Slept beside her children

A Sydney mother-of-two has revealed she has been co-sleeping with her children ‘on and off since they were born‘. Sky News presenter Jacinta Tynan has two sons, Jasper and Otis.

 She wrote,

‘As new mums, we get the memo that we must do what it takes to get that newborn into their own room pronto, even better the holy grail of ‘sleeping through the night’ while they’re at it, without ever questioning why.’ 

Source: the AU review ( Jacinta Tynan)
Source: the AU review (Jacinta Tynan)
Ms. Tynan says for her, it’s a beautiful feeling. She wrote,

“I love nothing more than lying next to my children as they’re falling asleep, absorbing the subtle tempo change of breath as their limbs go limp, the soles of their feet joined together like a newborn.”

She added,

‘“I’m here”, I whisper to them in the night, assurance hopefully setting them up for life.’

A short bio on Jacinta Tynan

Sydney-born Jacinta Tynan is a news presenter by profession. Presently, she works for Sky News Australia. Jacinta Tynan is working for them since 2005.

She is in the journalism field for a long time. Prior, she worked for ABC News, WIN TV, and others. Additionally, she also used to work for Access Hollywood in London in the past. More bio…