Hair Colors for You this 2023 based on Zodiac sign!

Hair Colors for You this 2023 based on Zodiac sign!
Hair Color Trends 2023 (source: Affinage Professional)
  • Wondering which hair color will go on for you this 2023?
  • Here are your astrological answers based on your zodiac signs.
  • So, are you dying your waves red, pink, or purple?

1. Purple Blonde Hair

Are you planning to go this 2023 for the purple shade in your hair? Does this shade of violet attract you, if you were thinking or making plans to die it purple-blonde? Let us tell you, 2023 is the correct year for you.

As the Chinese astrology guides, you can choose any shade out of the lucky colors, red and pink but also violet, blue, and green for 2023. You are fine while until your hair is dyed correctly as per the zodiac.

Celebrities Purple hair
Celebrities Purple hair trends you could not miss (source: Pinterest)

What’s the most popular hair color trend for 2023? Is it purple, so, what are the shades of purple I can go for?

  • Lilac Color
  • Pastel Purple Color
  • Lavender Color
  • Mauve Color
  • Amethyst Color
  • Smokey Purple Color
  • Eggplant Color
  • Violet Color

Hair Color Secrets with your favorite celebrities: You can recall Kelly Osbourne‘s iconic Purple tresses for inspiration. Even, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, Regina King, and Lana Cordor dyed their hair purple.

2. Pink Color Shades

As 2023, is the year of the White Rabbit as per the Chinese calendar you can go for the shades of pink as your choice. You can go lucky if you dye your hair in pink shades.

Looking at which pink shade to choose from this 2023, here are a few we jotted for your convenience, choose your favorite, as you switch diversely each month throughout the year.

  • Ombre with shades of Pink
  • Rose
  • Pop of Pink
  • Bubblegum
  • Rose Gold
  • Vibrant Pink
  • Raspberry Lob
  • Reverse Ombre


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3. Red Hair

As many of the celebs, already chose a red-orange theme for their hair this 2023, it’s absolutely what you must not be missing as per your zodiac. If you are Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, or any sign you can go well with the luckiest color combo for 2023, don’t hesitate to experiment.

  • Warm Reds
  • Bright Copper Color
  • Light Auburn Color
  • Red Copper Color
  • Cool Reds
  • Rose Gold Color
  • Black Cherry  Color
  • Red Black Color

So which color look are you planning to choose for 2023? A short, straight, wavy, locs, or curls, just grab one by visiting your favorite saloons and stylists nearby.

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