Handwriting specialist Emma Bache analyzes Meghan Markle’s handwritten letter to her father and talks about her mindset!

The letter that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle had written to her father Thomas Markle is out. Meghan has begged her father to stop victimizing her. Handwriting experts have grabbed this and used it to analyze and speak about Meghan’s mindset. Script Specialist Emma Bache speaks to The Express UK about it!

Meghan Markle and her letter to her father Thomas Markle

After the royal wedding of Meghan Markle to Thomas Markle, her father had used media grabs to seek her attention. Meghan was upset with her father’s attention-seeking tactics. And she had written a letter to her father requesting him to halt such media interviews and not to victimize her.

Source: Newshub (Meghan, Thomas, and Meghan’s letter to her father)

The letter is a five-paged one and it starts with:

“Dad, I’m so heartbroken. I love you. I have one father. Please stop victimising me through the media so we can repair our relationship.”

Meghan has become the target of media and others and she has been mocked for not talking about her family or meeting them. Her five close friends have come and spoken in her defense. The letter that Meghan had written to her father in the wake of all this negative publicity has also been revealed.

The opinion of handwriting experts on Meghan’s letter

Following the release of Meghan’s handwritten letter to her father, handwriting experts got an opportunity to analyze her handwriting and talk about the kind of person she is. They state that the letter is a highly stylized one.

Handwriting specialist Emma Bache says that it reveals that Meghan was ultra cautious but is also a showman and a narcissist.

Source: Daily Express (Thomas and Meghan)

Emma states:

“Meghan shows a highly stylised and slow handwriting,”

Emma continued:

“She is ultra cautious, is well aware that the world has their eyes on her and that is just how she likes it.

“This is not a spontaneous or intellectually creative woman but a consummate performer and strategist.

“There is a strong right slant and her letters have often been retraced.”

Emma also feels that the handwriting style reveals that Meghan is self-oriented. Emma further notes:

“There is enormous emotion as well as energy but she is both self aware and self orientated.”

Meghan Markle-is she an anxious person?

Source: ET Canada (Meghan Markle)

Emma Bache further noticed that Meghan’s handwriting has some element of wavering. She says:

“However she suffers from anxiety and in this instance her usual regularity and over control of pen strokes does show some wavering and a slight uneven baseline – she is showing some wavering of self control.

“But not much.”

Since the time Meghan took over as the wife of Prince Harry, she has faced blistering attacks from those around her. The media has been covering her almost daily. There have been reports that her employees and palace aides are also not happy with her. People have labeled her as a self-centered person who has changed the whole atmosphere of the royal household. There have been stories about how she is now close to Camilla Parker Bowles and how she is a stubborn person and hard to deal with.

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