Happily Married!! Married Life Of Fox News’ Brit Hume With His Stunning Wife Kim Hume; Click Here To Know More About The Couple And Their Relationship

Brit Hume is the famous and successful American journalists plus Fox News’s political commentator. The wife of Birt, Kim Hume is a religious person and enjoys and admire her every relationship. This couple gives the serious relationship goal.

Source: Frost Snow (Brit Hume and Kim Hume)
Source: Frost Snow (Brit Hume and Kim Hume)

Let’s find out more about the duo’s married life and their relationship here.

Married Life of Brit Hume with his wife Kim Hume

Well, we know that Kim was not the first love interest of Brit as he was earlier linked to Clare Jacobs Stoner. Later on, the former couple separated and moved in their own ways.

Afterward, Brit married his new wife, Kim who is the recent Washington Bureau and vice president of Fox News in 1993. While there were many ups and downs in their marriage they are still together. The couple is together for nearly 25 years.

Source: Article bio (Brit Hume and Kim Hume sharing a tight hug )
Source: Article bio (Brit Hume and Kim Hume sharing a tight hug )

Despite numerous contentions and disputes, they are still together. Though both the husband and wife are from the same field and networks, we can rarely see both together. They keep themselves far from the media and prefer to meet in secret rather than in people. That is the reason, media have clicked the duo together for very few times.

Divorce Rumors and Affairs of Brit Hume

Kim’s husband Brit once came in the debates due to the controversies of his affair. As there were the rumors that he begun dating Megyn Kelly. Kelly is also a journalist of an American TV, political commentator plus a former corporate protection lawyer. According to the reports, Kim was all set to file for a divorce with her husband. The situation came due to the news that he was having an extramarital relationship.

Source: Salon (Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly)
Source: Salon (Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly)

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Kelly got an opportunity to work on Bill O’ Reilly show, O’Reilly. She obtained a tremendous reputation from the show. And it was named due to her raising reputation and success, she broke up with Brit. But there is no such about the affair. In addition, both of them nevermore expressed the fact. Furthermore, with the time of their divorce rumors also began fading away.

As we know that if everything is well then it ends with well. Likewise, Kim and Birt are happy together.

Children of Brit and Kim and successful career of Fox News Journalist Kim

The duo has been blessed with the children. Kim and Brit have two children whom they have named Virginia and Louis. Also, Kim has a step-child from her husband’s earlier marriage named, Sandy Hume.

Furthermore, Brit also had a son named Sandy, who was the reporter for The Hills, a newspaper. In 1997, Sandy Hume announced one of his first aborted novels and try to substitute, Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House.

Source: Getty Images (Kim Hume and Brit Hume)
Source: Getty Images (Kim Hume and Brit Hume)

Later in 1998, he committed suicide but the reason is still a secret and not known to media through any sources. Sandy Hume Memorial Award for Perfection in Political Media was started after the passing of Sandy in his confidence.

Kim was concentrated on her profession right from the early time. She became the vice-president and also the former Washington Bureau of Fox News. Brit also runs on the same network as a senior political investigator.

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She and her husband both labored years for the channel. In 1996, both the wife and husband fixed up the Bureau and attended to become a chief cable of the bureau. Moreover, it was an unexpected announcement for all her followers that in 2006, Kim chose to forget Fox News. Later on, she began leading short mostly associated with religion videos.