What is Harry Styles’ new beauty line ‘Pleasing’ about? It’s Price?

What is Harry Styles’ new beauty line ‘Pleasing’ about? It’s Price?
Harry Styles (Source: Instagram)
  • Harry Styles is up with his new beauty line ‘Pleasing’
  • The brand website is live with the products which include four nail polish and two skincare products
  • The pre-booking and order for Perfect Pearl is open

Whether it’s singing or dancing Harry Styles is difficult to compete with. Styles has now entered the world of beauty lines and has introduced his new beauty line called ‘Pleasing’. His brand’s website went live with the products on 15th November 2021 and launched four nail polish and two skincare products.

Harry Styles new brand Pleasing
Harry Styles new brand Pleasing (Source: Metro)

Harry did a cover shoot and interview with the British magazine Dazed. It is said that the orders would begin to ship on 29th November and the booking for Perfect Pearl is now available. Styles said,

“I’ve always found that the moments in my life that have brought me the most joy are the small ones, whether it be, you know, end of the night under the stars or a perfect bite of food, or where you’re sitting with your friends and think, ‘Oh, I’m never gonna forget this.’ It’s always those moments that have the longest-lasting effect on me,”

Likewise, the initial launch of Perfect Pearl will include nail polish set in shades of pink, white, pearl, and a shimmery navy, the Pearlescent Illuminating Serum, the Pleasing Pen Matte lip oil, and the Pleasing Pen with cooling steel rollers to refresh lips and eyes.

Prices for the products

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Nail Polish Set – $65

Serum – $35

Pen -$30

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Short bio on Harry Styles

Harry Styles is an English singer and songwriter. He is best known as a member of the highly successful British boy band One Direction alongside Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson.

He has received eight Teen Choice Awards with the band. With his band-mates, he has released five commercially successful albums and has performed on four worldwide tours. Read more bio…