Heather Storm on the new season of Garage Squad! Who is she?

Heather Storm on Garage Squad

Businesswomen Heather Storm is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Similarly, this badass blonde is not only a star behind the wheel but also under the hood! She returns to TV for another season as the host of Velocity’s Garage Squad! The fifth season of the show aired on 29th August 2018.

Heather Storm Garage Squad actress
Source: Affair Post(Heather Storm Garage Squad actress)

Likewise, she is joined by world champion driver Bruno Massel and lead mechanic Joe Zolper to literally pimp the rides of some amateur car owners. She said,

“There’s so many different variables, and pieces, and problem solving that goes in to fixing these cars,”

Similarly, she added,

“To be able to work with a group of people, and problem solve, and then see the end result in this incredible transformation is empowering in and of itself.”

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Is Heather Storm married?

Heather Storm is not the type of person who likes to share her love life in social media. She does not believe in revealing her personal life. But it is known that she is not married and she does not have any children either. It is not known whether she has a boyfriend or not.

Heather Storm
Source: Heightline(Heather Storm)

Similarly, she might be focusing on her career and professional life rather than being on a relationship. Moreover, it seems like she is daddy’s girls and continues to love adventure, try new things in life and traveling.

Heather Storm life and Career

Businesswomen Heather Storm was born on 13th June 1962 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Her father was a DIY maverick. He taught her to use tools, shoot guns and to become an independent woman. Similarly, she was raised near the Big Snowy Mountains in Montana.

Likewise, she learned to drive a manual transmission and could change tires herself if need be. Also, she had a wanderlust and went on to visit and explore more than 20 countries around the globe.

Similarly, she co-founded and became the CEO of Black Lab which is an eco-friendly event company who’s fresh juice cocktails and dedication to sustainable events raised the industry standards. She has the estimated net worth of $1.7 million.

Heather Storm
Source: The Celebrity Cafe(Heather Storm)

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Short bio on Heather Storm

Heather Storm is a TV host, spokesman and social influencer from Montana, USA. She is famous as the co-host of Velocity Network’s hit series Garage Squad. Besides TV personality Storm is also an environmentalist and promotes sustainable tourism. She gained fame after she was the face of 50 nationally commercials.

She is also a businesswoman and founded the eco-event Company named Black Lab. Her appearances are not limited to the small screens but also the big screen in movies like No Bad Days, Nail Demon, Rush Hour 3 and more. Now this beautiful actress is busy with her multi-careers on and off the camera. See more…

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