Heidi Klum’s 19-year-old Daughter Shares A Kiss With Boyfriend Aris Rachevsky on Girlfriend’s Day!

Heidi Klum’s 19-year-old Daughter Shares A Kiss With Boyfriend Aris Rachevsky on Girlfriend’s Day!
Leni Klum has been dating hockey player Aris Rachevsky for three years now. source: Hollywood life
  • Model Leni Klum and her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky have been going strong for almost 3 years.
  • Aris is a hockey player who looks smitten with Klum.
  • The athlete has an Instagram account but it is a private one.

Leni Klum shares a sweet kiss with boyfriend Aris Rachevsky on Girlfriend’s Day

Aris Rachevsky is one sweet boyfriend!

Leni Klum‘s boyfriend loves sharing every moment of love with her and recently on Girlfriend’s Day, the hockey player shared a cute picture of the couple sharing a sweet kiss.

Along with the snap on his Instagram Story, he wrote:

Leni Klum
Leni Klum’s boyfriend Aris Rachevsky shared a sweet picture of the couple. source: Daily Mail

” Girlfriend day to the love of my life”

The model, 18, then reposted it on her Instagram.

She then shared a  snap of herself sitting on her lover’s lap as he kissed her neck. She called him her road trip buddy.

Earlier this year, in February, Heidi‘s daughter shared that she and Aris celebrated their third Valentine’s Day as a couple.

Leni shared a romantic selfie of them together and in the IG caption she wrote:

“3rd valentines with you❤️.”

Leni Klum
Leni confirmed that they have been dating for 3 years on Valentine’s Day. source: Daily Mail

For previous Valentines, Leni shared a picture of them both wearing sunglasses and captioned it:

“I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day baby ❤️ @arisrachevsky,”

The doting boyfriend also shared a snapshot of himself kissing Leni on her cheek and wrote on his IG story:

“Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ I love you @leniklum.”

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Leni followed in Heidi’s footsteps to become a model

Leni was born to Heidi Klum and Italian businessman Flavio Briatore in May 2004 after their split. She was later adopted by Heidi’s now-former-husband Seal in December 2009.

Seal and Leni share a great father-daughter bond.

The supermodel’s daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps and focused on her career as a model.

Leni Klum
Leni shares a great bond with her dad seal. source: Daily Mail

She made her debut in December 2021 on the cover of Vogue Germany’s January/February issue.

In June, Heidi shared how excited she was for her daughter for following her dreams and further revealed that the teenager will be moving to NYC.

The proud mother said:

”She’s moving to the Big Apple. It’s kind of my first stomping grounds, so I feel like she’s doing it all over again. I’m so proud of her!”

Leni Klum
Klum debuted with her first Vogue cover in 2021. source: Daily Mail

The mother of four also explained the gratitude she felt as a parent watching her child grow into a successful, independent woman.

She continued:

“Unfortunately, she will move to New York, but I’m super excited for her that she gets to do all the things that she wants to do. As a mother, that’s what you want.”

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