Height 6″2′, actress Elizabeth Debicki, doesn’t mind dating short guys, but should be real and natural

Height 6″2′, actress Elizabeth Debicki, doesn’t mind dating short guys, but should be real and natural
  • As always, everybody wants the person who is perfect for their life as a life partner or soulmate
  • After we get the perfect person, we can not resist ourselves to make him/her our lifelong partner
  • And the taste of everybody is not the same
  • Some want the good-looking one, some want the tall one whereas some want the short one

Today we are discussing the same topic on the preference of the beautiful and tall Elizabeth Debicki who also wants the perfect guy for the relationship and she revealed that she does not hate dating the short guy if they are fine-hearted.

Let’s dig deep to know in detail!!!

The types of boyfriends, Elizabeth Debicki wants

We have our kinds of flavors, qualities, and choices, that we seek in the partner before we fall in love. The gorgeous Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki is also seeking a short guy (but not necessarily to be short only) but he should be full of honesty and realness.

In an interview, 6’2″ heightened actress Elizabeth Debicki revealed that she is seeking a guy with a good heart, an honest and supportive one, and does not care whether he is physically tall or short.

Yes, we all want a partner who is real, who understands us, and mostly who is supportive.

Generally, we fall in love looking at the physical appearance, we prefer handsome guys, good-looking and tall ones but there is a kind of hesitation if our partner is physically unmatchable to us.

Might be, that she is tall due to her family gene or heredity as all of the members of her family are taller, and she named her family as Amazonian Family where she says:

“My younger sister is also very tall and my little brother, who is just 17, is 6ft 6in, so we’re the Amazonian Family. As a teenager I wasn’t comfortable with being taller than other people, and I’m sure I stooped a lot. …Granted, it’s not easy to be a super-tall woman in Hollywood. But there are times when it works in my favour. In The Night Manager, for example, both of my co-stars, Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston, are also well over 6ft and it was lovely to look a co-star in the eye and not have them standing on an apple box.”

The main problem with us is that we hate compromising, we want physically as well as socially charming guys but this actress has somehow unique thoughts. Despite being tall, she is okay to be with a short guy having perfect behavior.

And says:

“I’ve dated shorter men and it’s not been a problem, but what I’m really looking for is a normal, honest, real person. I like intelligence.”

Then she again continued:

“I think it’s the most attractive thing in a human being and when you meet someone you can have an intelligent conversation with, well, that’s what life’s all about really. And obviously, a well-cut suit is great too.

After few months after that interview, she opened up her heart, though she fell for someone, she would like to keep her love life to herself only.

“Have I got a boyfriend-slash-girlfriend? That’s very liberal of you. I don’t want to say anything. I’m really private.” 

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As she is a very secretive person, she remains silent when it comes to her dating life. But as she reveals less about her love life, she has not faced many problems that point to her sexuality.

Well, she was once rumored that she was dating her co-star Tom Hiddleston.

In the Telegraph Interview in March 2016, which she attended, she said all the rumors were fake:

“Tom has a wicked sense of humour, so ascerbic. You’d drag yourself into the makeup truck at 7am and he’d be wisecracking away; believe me, if you weren’t on top form he’d bring you to your knees with his cutting wit and you wouldn’t get up again all day.”

Then she explained her character of her in that series:

“He is just so darn handsome and such a courteous gentleman that it was almost impossible not to fall completely in love with him. He also works at a very swift pace and you have to keep up with him or you’d be left behind.”

She then posted the photo on Instagram and captioned it:

“This photo gives me life ???????????? Elizabeth Debicki and Tom Hiddleston at the 2016 Met Gala ❤️☺️❤️ Repost @cumber_hiddleston #elizabethdebicki#elizabethdebickinators #tomhiddleston #metgala #metgala2016 #model #actress#aussie #amazing #incredible #i spiring #talented #stunning #beautiful #gorgeous#superb #sublime #phenomenal #flawless #goddess #superstar #sensational”

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Short Bio on Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki is an Australian actress and model. She is best known for her role as Jordan Baker in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, for which she won the “AACTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role”.

She is also known for starring in the Sydney Theatre Company production of The Maids (2014), for which she received a nomination for the 14th Helpmann Awards. More Bio…

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