Hollywood Hills homeowners agitated by tour bus drivers and guides coming to their property with tourists!

Hollywood Hills is a place which tourists want to visit and have a closer look at. It is here that their favorite celebrities live and the fans want to have a peep into their lives, so to say. Tourists and tour guides are a common site there but the Hollywood homeowners feel that they are becoming a nuisance especially in the narrow lanes of Hollywood Hills. A more detailed report here!

Hollywood Hills homeowners are agitated

Source: WSJ (Hollywood Hills)

Hollywood Hills is the place where many famous celebrities live. They have their mega mansions there and their fans worldwide are interested to have a close look at the celebrity homes. Tour operators conduct special tours to Hollywood Hills for such fans. Hence the area sees every day many tourists and tour guides. But it does create some nuisance especially in the narrow lanes of this luxurious residential area.

Hollywood Hills homeowners are complaining that their neighborhood streets are overtaken by the tour guides and their guests. They try to have a close up look at the celebrity homes. On the narrow roads of this territory, there occur many safety violations and confrontations. This is a common and everyday thing now.

The root cause of the anger of Hollywood Hills homeowners

The people who own homes on this hot property complex complain that tour bus drivers halt their vehicles in the middle of intersections. They also double park. Additionally, the tourists smoke in the prohibited areas and the tour guides never restrict them to do so. They also use loudspeakers at night time. This disturbs the peace of the area and invades the privacy of the local residents there.

Source; Nourmand and Associates (Hollywood Hills)

It is so disturbing that the Hollywood Hills residents have now complained to the LA relevant authorities. They had a neighborhood council meeting with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation this week where the agitated residents aired their grievances.

The complaints of the Hollywood Hills homeowners

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One exasperated resident said:

“We’ve had animals hit. We’ve had kids almost hit. We had one kid who was crossing the street and his backpack literally got swiped,”

Another resident D.V. DeVincentis said:

“They tell somebody that a famous person lives across the street from my bedroom window, and that person doesn’t by the way, which creates a really great security problem for my poor neighbor,”

Source; Luxury Home LA (Hollywood Hills)

David Ryu is a Councilman and he said that he has been pushing for an ordinance against these problems since last year but has been unsuccessful in getting it done. Putting in a positive note, David said:

“While I am a little dismayed that it took this long, I’m hoping that it comes to us within the next month or two,”

If the new rules are pushed, LAPD officers of traffic and city lawyers can begin to charge violators.

The opinion of tour owners

Tour bus owners and drivers claim that they are part of the Hollywood ecosystem and cannot be done away with. Los Angeles USA Tours driver Howard Ferguson said:

“I equate these tours to a religious pilgrimage. Like Muslims go to Mecca. Christians sometimes go to Jerusalem,”

“Coming to Hollywood is a secular pilgrimage to investigate an institution that has been part of their lives.”

Source; Tripadvisor (Star Track Tours)

Star Track Tours owner Jeff Napshin justified:

“If you take the vehicles off the road, there are more cars, more traffic, potentially endangering lives. I just want to make it clear that we try to do things safely, in a good way, and I think there’s a chance more lives could be in danger if you take us off the road, and people go up on their own,”

LADOT is in the final stages of making the proposed ordinance which will then go for a vote in the city council.