Who is Hopie Carlson? Know about her parents, siblings, dating, net worth of Tucker, biography

Who is Hopie Carlson? Know about her parents, siblings, dating, net worth of Tucker, biography

Hopie Carlson is a celebrity child. She is the daughter of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Who are the parents of Hopie Carlson?

Hopie Carlson with her family members (Source: Kiwi Farms)

Hopie Carlson is a celebrity child born to Tucker Carlson and Susan Carlson. She has three siblings Lillie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson.

Her father Tucker is an American conservative television host and political commentator. Tucker has hosted the nightly political talk show named Tucker Carlson Tonight which airs on Fox News.

He published the book Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News in 2003.

Her parents met when they were at St. George’s School and married each other in 1991 in the high school chapel.

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Dating rules by Tucker Carlson for Hopie Carlson

Tucker Carlson has some strict rules when it comes to his daughter’s dating life. Tucker did not allow daughter Hopie Carlson and two daughters to date a man who identified himself as a feminist. He believes that a feminist man is a ‘creep by definition.

Carlson said to Stephen LeDrew,

“Would you let your daughter date some guy who called himself a feminist? No, cause he’s a creep! By definition!”

Tucker Carlson and wife Susan Carlson (Source: Yahoo Money)

The host of the show suggested to him that the ones who advocate too much for good are usually the ones who have a lot to hide. He added,

“It’s like finding out that you and your super-sensitive brother-in-law, the one who tells you he’s a feminist, the one who’s always scalding you for your sexism, is, in fact, hitting on the babysitter. Of course he’s hitting on the babysitter! The virtue is always a cover for the sin. That’s the key to understanding the modern left.”

How much is the net worth of Hopie’s father in 2021?

Tucker Carlson has a net worth of $30 million. His annual salary at Fox News is $6 million. He co-founded DailyCaller.com with Neil Patel and recently in 2020, he sold 1/3 stake to Neil. In the year 2011, Tucker and Susan traded their $4 million home to a $2 million home. In November 2017, they sold the house for $2.04 million.

Likewise, in 2017, they bought another house in the Washington D.C. area for $3.895 million. They kept the house in the market in July 2020 for $3.95. Furthermore, in early 2020, they bought a home on Gasparilla Island, Florida for $2.9 million.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News (Source: The Guardian)

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Short bio on Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is an American political news correspondent and conservative host for Fox News. He is the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight and also Crossfire and Tucker.

He is famous for his part in the Fox News Channel, for being the host and political reporter for a few shows. Read more bio…