Enormous fan following!! Despite having awful childhood rapper, Bizzy Bones has accomplished his professional life very well

Enormous fan following!! Despite having awful childhood rapper, Bizzy Bones has accomplished his professional life very well

Bitter childhood

At a young age, he witnessed his mother endure abusive relationships while she divorced and remarried several times. In 1981, at the age of five, Bizzy Bone was abducted by his ex-stepfather along with his 2 little sisters; Hope and Heather.

Source: YouTube (Bizzy Bone)
Source: YouTube (Bizzy Bone)

He was unaware at first that he had been abducted, and lived in many homes, apartments, cars, and motels. He was told that his mother and grandmother had died.

Bizzy was eventually told this was false and was instructed not to tell anyone about his abduction. He was also physically and sexually abused.

Bizzy’s personal life

Bizzy’s personal life also has been beset with numerous issues. Bizzy had become a father when he was just 14 years old.

He told in an interview:

“I became a father at fourteen years old. I became a father even before I became a man.”

Source: Pinterest (Bizzy Bone)
Source: Pinterest (Bizzy Bone)

Bizzy is supposedly never married and hence there is no divorce either. But he has had multiple girlfriends. It has been said that he has 10 children from four mothers.

The names of his 8 of these 10 children are Bryan, Aaliyah, Destiny,  Tray, Sarina, Breeana, Shanika, and Shelby. As he has children he cannot be gay. He was the last dating Ronna Royce for 5 years but he was caught on tape abusing her.

His enormous fan following

There is no doubt about his fan following, as he has been so popular and so successful in his career. He is also active on popular social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He has a very impressive 49.6 thousand followers on Instagram. This proves how famous he has been on the site.

Source: Facebook (Bizzy Bone )
Source: Facebook (Bizzy Bone )

Bizzy remains active on his Instagram. He has already posted on the site more than 1300 times. To share and stay in touch with his fans and loved ones, He loves to upload his pictures and the posts on the site.

He has a very impressive 31.1 thousand followers on Twitter. And has already tweeted more than 3600 times. It seems he really likes to be in touch with his fans and followers.

Source: Twitter (Bizzy's twitter)
Source: Twitter (Bizzy’s twitter)

How much does he earn?

Bizzy has been very successful in his career till now. It won’t be wrong if we say, it has given him great earnings and wonderful net worth. Bizzy has a very impressive net worth according to some sources of $500 thousand dollars. He is a very good-looking man and there is no doubt that he looks red hot when he decides to go shirtless. His latest tour was a wild one and it was packed. His upcoming tours will also be no different.

Source: Instagram (Bizzy's Instagram)
Source: Instagram (Bizzy’s Instagram)

Apart from his solo career

Having a very successful solo career, he was a part of a very successful musical group termed ‘Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’. Also a part of ‘Bone Brothers’ and ‘Mo’Thugs Musical Groups’. In the past, his songs have been huge hits. He also featured in a song called I Tried with the superstar Akon. This song turned into a huge hit.

Source: Bad Perm (Bizzy Bone with 'Bone Thugs-N-Harmony')
Source: Bad Perm (Bizzy Bone with ‘Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’)

In the year 1995, he released a song called Crossroad and it also did very well. The Gift, A Song For You, Alpha and Omega, and The Wonder Years 2014, etc are some of his studio albums.

Short bio on Bizzy Bone:

Bizzy Bone is an American rapper who is widely known for his work as a rapper and one of the members of the Grammy Award-winning group ‘Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’. He is known as ‘Gambino’, ‘Lil Ripsta’, ‘Bizzyn The Kid’, and ‘Midwest Cowboy’ and is currently working as a solo artist. more bio…