The inside story! Prince Harry implores his wife Meghan Markle to seek help for mental health and well-being!

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle make a great couple. They are part of the royal clan of England, hold royal titles, have a child born recently, and a lovely cottage to reside in, away from the prying eyes of the media. But they still make headlines and many times for wrong reasons.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle-their public image

Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan continues to hit the front pages of tabloids. Though they have everything a person would ask for in one’s lifetime, they are still under pressure.

The main reason is that they have different thinking and are not for stringent royal protocols and traditions. They are often breaking these century-old protocols. Of course, their royal family does not like these violations.

Source: TIME (Meghan and Harry)

Besides this royal protocol violations, there is this alleged feud with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton. It keeps putting up its head intermittently. Also, Meghan’s family has been a reason of headache for her. Her mother Doria Ragland has been of great help. But her father Thomas Markle and estranged sister, Samantha Markle both have been causing embarrassment to Meghan repeatedly. They are never tired of attempting to destroy Meghan’s reputation. So it is natural that Meghan is getting affected mentally due to all this.

Prince Harry implores Meghan to seek help

Radar Online has reported that all this mental strain is taking its toll on Meghan. Harry can see it as well and has begged his wife to seek help for her mental well-being.

Source: Brides (Megan Markle and Prince Harry)

The webloid quotes a source as saying:

Between the new parent exhaustion, the feud with Will and Kate, the royal expectations, her crazy family and everything else Harry is ready to blow – and Meghan isn’t far behind him,”

He’s credited therapy for saving him in the past and he thinks he and Meghan need it now before it’s too late,”

Meghan Markle and her resistance to the royal protocols

The royal family has rigid protocols and the new daughter-in-law is having difficulty following it. She comes from a different setup and hence finds the royal decorum and conduct too frivolous. Hence the couple has arguments not only on seeking mental health care but also about Meghan not listening and abiding by the royal laid-down rules. The insider said:

“Meghan feels that the rules and regulations in connection with royal protocol are antiquated to forward-thinking millennials,”

Source: (Prince Harry with brother, wife, and sister-in-law)

The source continues:

“Meghan and Harry respect tradition but want the freedom to do their own work and promote their causes without being held back by any constraints.”

Short Bio on Prince Harry

Prince Henry of Wales familiarly called Prince Harry is the younger son of Charles and Diana. At the time of his birth, he was third in the line of succession to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, but is currently fifth in line after his father, his elder brother Prince William, and William’s children, George and Charlotte.

After an education in the UK and spending parts of his gap year in Australia and Lesotho, Harry chose a military career, undergoing officer training at RMA Sandhurst. In 2007–2008, he served for 77 days in Helmand, Afghanistan, but they pulled him out following an Australian magazine publishing of his presence there. He returned to Afghanistan for a 20-week deployment in 2012–2013 with the Army Air Corps. He left the army in June 2015.

Harry launched the Invictus Games in 2014 and remains a patron of its Foundation. He also gives patronage to several other organizations, like the HALO Trust, the London Marathon Charitable Trust, and Walking With The Wounded. More Bio…

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