The intriguing life story of the octomom-Nadya Suleman!

Nadya Suleman-she is Octomom. She is an American media personality who gained fame when she gave birth to eight children (Suleman octuplets) in 2009 in the month of January! These were the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the USA. Their birth led to controversy in the field of assisted reproductive technology.

The Medical Board of California even initiated an inquiry about the fertility specialist who was involved in this case. Nadya Suleman’s life is an interesting one. She already had six other children who were also born by IVF. She was also on public assistance since she was unemployed. People were enraged by all this and had negative reactions and comments for her.

Nadya Suleman and her marriages and relationships

Nadya in 1996 married Marco Gutierrez. However, in 4 years they separated in 2000. Marco then filed for divorce in 2006. And it got finalized in January 2008. The reason for the divorce was stated to be the couple’s inability to conceive a child naturally. Nadya wanted to resort to assisted reproductive techniques for it but Marco was against it. Marco in an interview had made it clear that he is not the father of the octuplets but he does wish Nadya the best for her future.

Source: Too Fab (Nadya and her octuplets)

She was with Denis Beaudoin from 1997-1999 and later Frankie G from 2012.

Nadya Suleman and her children

Nadya has a total of 14 children; all born with IVF. She had started the treatment in 1997 when she was just 21 and still married to Marco. Her doctor was Dr. Michael Kamrava.

In 2001, Nadya had her first child born which was a son. This was followed by a daughter in 2002. Nadya did not stop at this. She continued with IVF treatment and went on to have three more pregnancies and 4 children. These included 1 set of fraternal twins and two more singletons. Hence she had a total of 4 sons and 2 daughters.

Source: TMZ (Nadya and her pregnancy)

In 2009, Nadya who had 6 embryos left over from her previous IVF treatment decided to have all of them inserted into her uterus. This was over the limit recommended for age since for a woman in her late 30s, she could have 2-3 embryos transferred into her womb.

Her reasoning was that she did not want the embryos to be destroyed. But the doctor instead transferred 12 embryos and this was an extreme step. Nadya with this had octuplets.

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The doctor’s fate

The Medical Board of California decided to start an investigation into the lapse in standard care done by Dr. Michael Kamrava. They found him negligent in his duties as a doctor and effective from 1 July 2011. His medical license was revoked.

The response of the international community

On learning about the birth of the octuplets, the doctor’s negligence, and Nadya’s financial circumstances, people globally were not happy with it. They put in negative comments and even death threats to Nadya.

People were confused about Nadya’s decision to have 8 children after her 6 children while she was unemployed and on public assistance programs. They were also wondering about how a doctor could say yes to this all. Though Nadya said that she can support all her 14 children, it was learned that she was speaking a lie. She had suffered a back injury in a riot in September 1999 and was on the disability list of people. She was on public funds for her finances.

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Nadya Suleman-her life after

Source: Radar Online (Nadya and her 8 children out of 1 pregnancy)

All her 8 children were at home and even celebrated their first birthday on 26 January 2010. In 2010, she spoke about her lack of sleep in trying to take care of her babies. In 2011, she regretted having so many babies. She has been on several TV shows and got the name of Octomom. She was accused of blowing money out on plastic surgery.

Nadya denied it and also checked into rehab for anxiety and stress. She was later accused of welfare fraud. As of March 2019, all 8 children are alive and celebrated their 10th birthday. She has now been called a supermom. She does some odd jobs and also acting to support her kids. Her parents, Iraqi father and Lithuanian mother help her raise her children.

Source: Wikipedia