Jada Pinkett Smith Accused Of ‘Starving’ Her Daughter Willow Smith? Opened Up About Apologizing To Her Daughter!!

The life of celebrities is always rounding up in the limelight. Their life and detail about their life are all over the internet. Back in 2014, someone called  Child Protective Services to investigate the wellbeing of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s daughter Willow. Willow Smith is the daughter of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith.

Jade Pinkett Smith accused of ‘starving’ her daughter Willow?

Will, Jada, Jaden, Trey and Willow Smith (Source: IBTimes UK)

The American actress Jada recalled the moment of 2014 when someone called Child Protective Services to investigate if she is properly feeding her child. On Monday, she opened up about the incident “Ask Us Anything” episode of her popular Facebook Watch shows Red Table Talk.

She recalled the moment when the picture of her 13-year old daughter Willow lying in bed with a shirtless family friend, Moises Arias started revolving all around. However, Willow confirmed that there was no sexual intonation and Arias was like a brother to her.

After the picture controversy, there was an investigation on Jade and Will after the complaint that they were starving their daughter Willow.

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Jada Pinkett (Source: NBC News)

Remembering the statement, she stated:

“That was the first time I ever got furious,” 

The singer also explained how unhappy she was from the situation at the moment. Furthermore, Jade continued:

“I was looking at the lady and the whole time I was thinking, ‘You could be helping so many kids right now, and you’re wasting your time with a child who has everything they need,'”

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Jade Pinkett Smith and Willow recalled the time of the investigation

The mother-daughter duo remembered the time when they had to go through the investigation. Recalling the time, Pinkett said that the social worker was a nice lady and she believed that the woman knew the Smiths were not starving their daughter.

During the conversation, Willow added that she must have known for sure. Meanwhile, at the time rumors were that Willow just had cereals for the whole day.

The singer explained:

“They already think we’re starving you, you’re going to walk in with a bowl of cereal at two o’clock and say this is your first meal! I was like, ‘Lord Jesus take the wheel,’” 

Willow (Source: Veg News)

Willow explained that she knew that they came there because they thought Smith was starving her child. She said that she went out with a bowl of cereal and eat throughout the whole interview.

No doubt it was an uncomfortable moment for all of them, however, it also became a good bonding time for the family.

Pinkett said:

“We really locked up together as a family. It was like, ‘Oh, we’re getting attacked,’ so the kids got to see for the first time why Will and I had been so protective,”

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