Jasmine Harman talks about the compulsive hoarding mental problem of her mother!

Jasmine Harman talks about the compulsive hoarding mental problem of her mother!

Jasmine Harman is a star on TV and presents the show A Place in the Sun. Her mother is a hoarder and Jasmine has been dealing with it for quite some time.

But over the years, she has learned to overcome her feeling of shame and guilt and learn to enjoy her mother’s company well.

Jasmine Harman and her mother’s mental health

Jasmine Harman’s mother is a hoarder. In a BBC documentary in 2011, she revealed that her mother Vasoulla has a compulsive hoarding problem and cramps every inch of the house with junk items. She recalled the problem of her mother when speaking at the Mental Health Awareness Week.

Source; Belfast Telegraph (Jasmine)

How did Jasmine Harman use to feel about her mother’s mental illness?

Jasmine, 43 as a child used to feel ashamed of her mother’s hoarding disorder. Jasmine said:

“Mum still really struggles every day just to live,” Jasmine says.

“Things like getting dressed, showered, finding your keys, cooking breakfast – all these things are incredibly challenging if you have no space to move in and can’t find anything. All the stuff makes it impossible for you to do normal things.”

“Every step you take, you run the risk of things toppling down and everything takes 10 times longer. Life is extremely challenging in a hoarded environment.”

Source; Daily Express (Jasmine)

She added:

“And as a child, I felt incredibly resentful that I was being forced to live in what I saw as rubbish. I couldn’t have a normal life. I couldn’t have friends over and I couldn’t speak to anyone about it in decades.

“Just to have a shower, I would have to remove everything in the bathtub and then put it back in there afterward as there was nowhere to put it.”

How have things changed now for Jasmine Harman?

Jasmine said:

“Now I have my own home and I have a bit more distance from it, I understand it more. I realize it’s a mental health problem.”

She has also conquered the shame and embarrassment of her mother’s mental condition and can understand her better. But she has not been able to visit her mother’s house often. It has been only two times in the last five years and her kids have been to their grandmother’s house only once.

Source: Daily Express (Jasmine)

Her mother has undergone therapy with a mindfulness mentor and Jasmine feels she is improving though she is not sure whether she will be cured. She explained that she no more concentrates on the problem of hoard but tries to understand her mother and feel better with her. Jasmine said:

“But what’s been really good for me is that mum’s mentor has helped me too. He’s made me realize the hoarding must not be my focus.

“It was very hard for me to initially feel that I was not helping by going to clear the stuff out. And all it was doing was making me feel resentful that I had given my time up.”

She continued:

“I could spend 12 hours in her house and all she would have to do is go to a skip or charity shop and undo those 12 hours in a second. Instead, he has made me realize it’s important for us to enjoy each other’s company.”

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