Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO: His net worth crosses $ 200 billion! Employees protest outside his Washington home!

The richest man in the world has got richer! Yes, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos enhanced his worth by $ 57 billion since May 2020 in just a matter of 3 months. His net worth has not crossed $ 200 million! His employees are now demanding a better pay scale and staged a protest outside his Washington home. They created a guillotine outside his home.

Jeff Bezos gets richer!

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has become richer! The richest man in the world increased his net worth by $ 57 billion in just a few months’ time from May 2020. And now his net worth is $ 202 billion, reveals Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

Jeff Bezos and his home [Source: Hiptro]
The shares of the company have risen by 80% this year. The company has become the main driving force for the S&P 500 index. And even during this recession phase in the USA and the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, the index is doing well. It has reached an all-time high this year. The company ‘Comparisun’ revealed that Amazon will soon be the world’s first trillionaire. Their calculation stats that by 2026 Jeff would become a trillionaire. The way the company is growing despite all odds reveals that it will soon reach that mark!!!

Protests outside his Washington home

On hearing of this new milestone of Jeff, his company employees were agitated. They feel that they are paid less for the work they do. They demand a better pay scale. And for that, they protested outside the Washington mansion of the billionaire. The Washington Examiner revealed that the protestors even constructed a guillotine outside his home on the street.

The former employee of the company, Chris Smalls started this protest. His demand was that the employees should have a minimum of $ 30 hourly pay. Besides, they also asked for hazard pay and personal protective equipment for all workers. The Congress of Essential Workers had arranged the march to his property. Guillotines were used during the French Revolution. Aristocrats such as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were killed in that way.

1800 Mercedes electric vans for Amazon deliveries

And what is more, Amazon has ordered for 1800 electric vans from Mercedes to aid the delivery of its products worldwide. This would be a mix of two types of vans: 1200 larger eSprinter models and 600 would be mid-sized eVito models.  This is in keeping by its goal to get carbon-neutral by the year 2040. The company wants to meet the goals laid in the Paris Climate Agreement. Jeff said:

“We welcome the bold leadership demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz by signing up to The Climate Pledge and committing to ambitious action to address climate change. We need continued innovation and partnership from auto manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to decarbonize the transportation sector and tackle the climate crisis.”

Amazon company [Source: Fox Business]
Amazon had the advantage of the high rise in e-commerce during the coronavirus pandemic and the enforced lockdown. Despite the problems of the economy worldwide, Amazon remains unhurt by it and continues with its efforts to diversify itself in the coming years.

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