Jeff Horn’s diet that transformed his physique! His married relationship with his wife, Joanna Horn and her Interest

Jeff Horn’s diet that transformed his physique! His married relationship with his wife, Joanna Horn and her Interest

The Australian professional boxer Jeff Horn is the WBO welterweight title from 2017 to 2018. Jeff has revealed his $30,000 diet plan that transformed his body.

He began the revolutionary diet two months ago and it was put together by a nutritionist and cooked by his personal trainer. Since that, it has totally changed his physique and fitness.

Jeff Horn injured
Jeff Horn injured(Source: Fox Sports)

When he lost to Zerafa in August 2019, he was accused of eating pizzas that led to his loss. After that, his team overhauled his diet and brought nutritionist Sav Manolis and private chef Daniel Hernandez to in charge of his health.

Similarly, he compensated and set up a potential $6 million showdown against Tim Tszyu and crushed Michael Zerafa in the rematch in Brisbane.

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Jeff Horn’s victory against Michael Zerafa

Jeff won over Michael Zerafa and has been thrust back into the spotlight. After the victory, Michael’s team launched an official protest against Jeff. Similarly, their fight was widely praised as one of the best to take place on Australian soil.

Jeff Horn and Michael Zerafa
Jeff Horn and Michael Zerafa(Source: ABC)

Michael’s team is seeking to have the fight officially declared a no contest. Likewise, it all came down to the controversial ninth round when Horn was copping heavy punishment from Zerafa.

Blood was gushing from a wound above his left eye so referee John Cauchi stopped to allow the doctor to check out the injury.

Jeff’s married relationship

Jeff met Joanna Horn when they were in eighth grade, the first year of high-school. They became school-yard friends since then. They started dating in the last year of high school. Joanna revealed,

“We were friends all throughout high school, things only started to happen towards the end of school,”

Similarly, she added,

“And we started dating at schoolies.”

On 11th November 2011, Jeff and Joana flaunted their love on social media and announced their engagement. Since then, they have been together.

In 2012, Jeff proposed her and they eventually married in September 2014. Jeff and Joanna have two children. Their daughter Isabelle Kate Horn was born on 30th December 2017. Similarly, their second daughter Charlotte Lucie Horn was born on 20th July 2019.

Jeff Horn and his daughter
Jeff Horn and his daughter(Source: Real Estate)

Some of the social media users attacked his wife Jo after Jeff’s sensational win and made sexists comments. One user wrote,

“I was thinking this was your mum, but damn, you wifed up a fat lesbian?,”

Similarly, another wrote,

“I mean she wearing a suit so she’s probably always at work making money to pay those judges off.”

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Joanna Horn’s skin and hair care 

Joanna is the mother of two daughters. She usually share pictures with her husband and daughters on her official social media handle, Instagram.

Joanna loves to take care of her hair and skin. Recently on August 26. She colored her hair and she got it colored from ‘Jessicasambouhair’. Similarly, she uses an eye mask from ‘Ella Bache’. Also, she loves cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen lotion from the same brand.

She supports the brand Ella Bache and shared their new active lotion of Instagram. She wrote that the cream does not contain alcohol, parabens and coloring agent.

Short bio on Jeff Horn

Jeff Horn is an Australian professional boxer. He is the holder of the WBO welterweight title in 2017 and 2018. He has also represented Australia in the 2012 Olympics.

Recently on 18 Dec 2019, he has won a boxing match against Michael Zerafa. Read More bio…

Source: Daily Mail, News