Who is Jessica Mulroney? Know about her married life with husband, children, controversy, net worth and biography

Who is Jessica Mulroney? Know about her married life with husband, children, controversy, net worth and biography

Jessica Mulroney is a Canadian fashion stylist and marketing consultant. Jessica has worked with Kleinfeld Bridal (The Bay). She has also appeared in the shows Good Morning America and CityLine. Mulroney hosted I do, Redo which was canceled.

Jessica Mulroney and Ben Mulroney
Jessica Mulroney and Ben Mulroney (Source: TRNTO)

She is the daughter of Veronica and Stephen Brownstein. Mulroney has a brother John Brownstein who is a Harvard professor.

Jessica Mulroney, husband and children

Jessica Mulroney is happily married to Ben Mulroney. They dated for about a year before getting engaged on 28th December 2007. They engaged in Montreal. After that, almost a year later Ben and Jessica walked down the aisle on 30th October 2008 in a private ceremony at St. Patrick’s Basilica, Montreal.

Ben and Jessica knew each other since their teenage. Ben introduced her to the Trudeaus and Justin and Ben were friends since elementary school. Jessica revealed,

“Ben has been friends with Justin for a long time and I met Sophie through Ben when they were working together on etalk. The relationship has been there for a long time in terms of a friendship.”

Jessica and Ben are the parents of three children. Their twin children Brian Gerald Alexander Mulroney and John Benedict Dimitri Mulroney were born on 12th August 2010. Similarly, their daughter Isabel Veronica Mulroney was born on 12th June 2013.

Once Toronto Life announced them as the City’s most polished power couples. They have been together for more than a decade.

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Jessica Mulroney’s controversy

Jessica Mulroney’s career is in danger after her controversy involving a black social media influencer. She was slammed by fashion blogger Sasha Exeter who accused Mulroney of using her white privilege to intimidate her. Jessica privately threatened Black influencer Sasha Exeter’s livelihood and try to silence.

CTV is no longer airing her reality program I Do Redo, and Good Morning America will no longer use Mulroney as a fashion contributor. In her 11-minute long video, Sasha detailed how Mulroney perceived a generic call-to-action. Mulroney lashed out at her over messages and texts and at one point, threatened to talk to her sponsors.

Sasha said,

“Listen, I’m by no means calling Jess a racist but what I will say is this: She is very well aware of her wealth, her perceived power, and privilege because of the color of her skin,”

She added,

“And that, my friend, gave her the momentary confidence to come for my livelihood in writing. Textbook white privilege really, in my personal opinion.”

Jessica commented on the post, publicly apologizing and seemingly referencing her experience with Meghan in her response.

What happened between Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle?

Not because of the recent controversy of Jessica, but Meghan Markle and her friendship were strained long before. Meghan refused to talk on the matter but as per sources, she felt that Jessica was taking benefit from Meghan.

As Mulroney gained much more name recognition after Meghan joined the royal family enough for her to get coverage from U.S. outlets because of their friendship. Similarly, as per sources,

“I don’t know what the tipping point was, but Jess has been on the outs for some time. Their friendship is definitely not what it was. And really, how can you have such a close friendship when one person is basically making a career out of the friendship?”

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle
Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle (Source: Insider)

How much is Jessica Mulroney’s net worth?

As per sources, the estimated net worth is between $1-$5 million. She earned a good amount of money from her work. As per Celebrity Net Worth, her husband Ben Mulroney has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Ben is a Canadian television host. Also, he is the elder son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

They have a house in Toronto. Likewise, their house has a good interior design and it looks like a royal palace.

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Short bio on Jessica Mulroney

Jessica Mulroney is a famous Canadian fashion stylist, best known for his styling ensembles for Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the wife of the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Read more bio…