Jodi Harrison-Bauer the new fitness model at age 58! Know about her life, career, husband, and children!

Jodi Harrison-Bauer the new fitness model at age 58! Know about her life,  career,  husband, and children!

Jodi Harrison-Bauer is 58 but she has a fit and gorgeous body. She made it to the top 60 in Sports Illustrated competition held in July this year. She is a mother of two and owns a gym called JodiFit in Branford, Connecticut. Jodi started competing at a later age in her life but has been extremely successful. She is an inspiration for other women of her age.

Jodi Harrison-Bauer and her participation in Sports Illustrated competition 2019

Jodi contested in this year’s Sports Illustrated fitness competition in Miami. Out of the 5000 contestants, Jodi reached the top final 60 but could not make it to the top 16. But considering her age, this is an achievement. She told The Post:

“I felt a huge accomplishment getting to the top 60,”

“I’m very into manifesting and visualizing things, and I just didn’t see myself making it into the sweet 16.”

Source: New York Post [Jodi]
She is happy with her consolation prizes. Her daughter Lexi had persuaded Jodi to enter the SI casting competition.

Jodi Harrison-Bauer-the inspiration

Jodi inspires other women her age. She said:

“I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from women telling me that I’ve inspired them,”

She began competing at age 47. She said:

“My 40s were about discovering who I was. My 50s were about helping other women. When I turned 50, I was really scared. I didn’t want to be an old lady,”

“Now I can’t wait to turn 60. I think my 60s are going to be spectacular.”

Jodi Harrison – Bauer and her achievements

Jodi has signed a deal with meal prep company called Edibolic Kitchen. This firm will start production of JodiFit prepared meals which boast of lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. German TV is filming her for a TV documentary and her picture has come up on the front page of The Post on 13 July 2019.

Source: New York Post [Jodi]
She is modest and said:

“I was very humbled. But I just thought what I did was normal.”

Jodi recalls:

“Nobody knew what to do with me. The oldest division was 35-plus. But as I started competing, I met all of these women who were over 45 years old,”

She convinced the organizers to make a new category of 45 plus. She has won for herself two World Fitness America titles. In 2010, she opened her gym center. She reasoned:

“Then I said, ‘What am I going to do with all of this confidence that I have? There’s more to me then competitions.’

Jodi Harrison – Bauer talks diet and gym exercises

Jodi states that she is not crazy about workouts:

“If I am being honest, I only work out three to four times a week,”

“I lift weights for 45 minutes and then do cardio for 30 minutes to an hour.”

Source: Daily Mail [Jodi]
And what about her food? She answered:

“I eat really clean. I eat five times a day. My meals have leafy greens, two servings of good fats like avocado and two to three starches a day.”

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Her new husband is pathologist Frank Bauer whom she married on June 2019. She has two children from previous relationships. She might even take up modeling assignments. Jodi is ready for it.

Source: New York Post