John McAfee, computer programmer detained for wearing a thong in place of the face mask! Is it true?

Why did he do it? Is he crazy or perverted? But Tech millionaire John McAfee revealed to his fans that he was arrested in Norway for wearing a thong over his face instead of a face mask. He is 72 years old now and is rather an eccentric person.

John McAfee and the thong face mask

The computer programmer who is the founder of the PC antivirus software giant, John McAfee tweeted about his arrest in Norway. He revealed that the authorities arrested him because he was wearing a woman’s underwear in place of a face mask. His tweet read:

“I was jailed: Why? Visited Catalonia just before Europe banned Catalonians from travelling. Tried to return to Germany and were refused entrance. They demanded we wear masks. I put on my thong mask. They demanded I replace it. I refused. Tussle. Jail. Black eye. Released.”

He cursed the officials for their slowness in dealing with his case. He also added that due to the detention, he had to cancel the Red Scarf Society meeting. And he apologized for it.

John’s wife Janice and her tweets

When John was detained, his wife Janice took over his Twitter account. She uploaded a photo of John wearing the thong over his face. She said that she will manage his account until he flees from the authorities, bribes them, gets the right lawyer, or becomes a jail warden. Janice further clarified:

“He was not arrested for wearing the thong as a mask. He was arrested for refusing to replace it with a ‘medically certified’ over the ear mask. I refused as well. But they chose to arrest John, and leave me be.”

John and Janice [Source: Yahoo UK]
Further, she said that face masks stop bacteria and not viruses. Whatever she meant by it??? She then uploaded a video of her private jet taking off for their resident city of Munich. She wrote:

“I’m following John’s instructions and heading back. He assured me he would be released.”

John and his later tweets

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John then returned and took over his Twitter handle. He said that he is back in Belarus and is okay save the black eye. He wrote:

“I cannot speak publicly about my fun and games yesterday, regrettably, but after a few hours sleep I will be back with my usual stream of conscious.”

John [Source: Faktisk]
He talked some more nonsense about masks and viruses:

“Yes, coronavirus, although large for a virus, is still 2,000 times smaller than a large bacteria, which masks do stop. And yes, I know viruses in droplets are released when the droplets evaporate. Duh!! But … I have breathed through this mask. What could survive?”

One day before, he said that he will auction his collection of intimate clothes and wrote:

“Proof that @theemrsmcafee actually softened the fabric for me before I protected myself with the mask,”

After all this drama, John revealed that he had pulled a prank and was joking. He pointed out that the uniforms showed ‘police’ in German language and yet every news outlet reported it as Norway.