Joy Behar, the latest victim of ‘The Avocado hand’-an increasing epidemic seen in the UK hospitals!

Joy Behar, the latest victim of ‘The Avocado hand’-an increasing epidemic seen in the UK hospitals!

Joy Behar cut her hand while slicing an avocado!

The Avocado hand

This disease has reached alarming proportions worldwide. It is true and Joy Behar was the latest celebrity to have it. American comedian Joy Behar was the recent victim of this epidemic named Avocado Hand. Due to the injury, she was unable to appear for her TV show The View. She said:

“Saturday night … I stabbed myself in the hand with a knife. I stuck the knife into the pit [of the avocado] to get it out. I never had pain quite so intense, it was awful.”

Source: ABC News (Joy Behar)

While cutting the hard avocado, as Joy put the knife into the avocado, the knife slid backward and cut her hand. Joy’s hand was swollen and infected and she had to spend one night in hospital to set it on the right track and for proper healing. Joy added:

“It’s real and the doctor said, ‘We get this all the time’… I’m only gonna buy ready-made guacamole.”

Avocado hand

A rise in knife injuries due to cutting into the avocado fruit has been noticed recently.

Source: YouTube (Avocado cutting)

The leading cosmetic surgeon Simon Eccles has stated that he treats about four patients a week at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for such types of injuries inflicted by avocado cutting and it has now been dubbed as ‘avocado hand’. It is now suggested that avocados should carry warning labels of the risk of getting cut while using a knife on it.

Joy Behar and her career

Seventy-five years old Joy Behar has been working since 1984. She began as a receptionist and later became a producer for the show Good Morning America. She was also a stand-up comedian and has appeared on various episodes of ABC’s Good Morning America as well on The New Show. In 1987, she had her talk show called Way Off Broadway and used to also host Live from Queens. Joy Behar was seen in many more shows on TV and also starred in minor roles in movies. She also did radio talk shows.

Source: Hollywood reporter (Joy)

In 1997, she was one of the original panel members on the ABC show The View which was created by the legendary Barbara Walters. Starting as a substitute, Joy soon became a regular member on the show. She got her own segment called Joy’s Comedy Corner. She used to have public disputes with Star Jones on the show. The show also won an Emmy award in 2009. She retired in 2013. She said:

“It seemed like the right time…You reach a point when you say to yourself, ‘Do I want to keep doing this?’ There are other things on my plate I want to do — I’ve been writing a play, I’ve been neglecting my standup”

Source: Pinterest (Joy)

She then only guest co-hosted the show. She was called in again as a regular in 2015. She said:

“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. Plus, Steve was getting tired of applauding every time I gave my opinion. But I’m happy to be back home. And I’m looking forward to sticking my two cents into the hot topics, especially now that Hillary and the Donald are in the spotlight.”[