Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber Net Worth
Justin Bieber's Net Worth
  • Justin Bieber’s net worth is believed to be $285 million as of 2022. 
  • In March 2019, Justin spent $8.5 million on a Beverly Hills mansion. In August 2020, Justin spent $28.5 million for a new Beverly Hills home.
  • He Earns $60-80 million per year in touring years

What is Justin Bieber’s Net Worth? (Updated 2022)

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop artist who, after being discovered on YouTube in 2007, has sold over 150 million records worldwide. Justin Bieber has an estimated net worth of $285 million. Back in 2007/2008, Justin Bieber was merely a Canadian pre-teen posting videos of his songs to the internet. Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive who subsequently became Justin Bieber’s manager, came discovered his videos. Everything else is history. “Bieber Fever” swept the world, and the Canadian singer-songwriter has gone on to sell tens of millions of CDs since his first studio tune was released in 2009. He is actually a worldwide sensation who has amassed insanely large fortunes. Justin is one of the highest-paid musicians on the planet during his touring years, easily earning $60-80 million personally.

Net Worth:$285 Million
Salary:$80 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 1, 1994 (28 years old)
Place of Birth:London
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession:Musician, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Record producer, Dancer, Singer
  • Was discovered by Scooter Bruan on YouTube
  • Has sold over 150 million albums worldwide
  • First added to CNW in February 2010 with $500k net worth
  • Broke $200 million net worth in 2014
  • Earns $60-80 million per year in touring years
  • Lives in a $30 million Beverly Hills mansion

Early Life

Bieber was born in London, Ontario, on March 1, 1994. His parents never married, and his mother was underage when she gave birth, so Bieber’s maternal grandmother and step-grandfather helped raise him. He learnt to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet as a child. In 2012, he graduated from St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford, Ontario.

Bieber placed second in a local Stratford singing competition in early 2007, when he was 12 years old, performing Ne-“So Yo’s Sick.” His mother uploaded a video of the performance to YouTube so that friends and family could see it, and she continued to share videos of Bieber singing cover songs.


Scooter Braun, a record executive, accidently stumbled on one of Bieber’s 2007 videos while looking for videos of another singer. He hunted down Bieber and convinced his mother to allow him take Bieber to Atlanta, where he recorded some demo tapes. Bieber was singing for R&B icon Usher just a week after arriving in Atlanta.

He was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher, who assisted him in auditioning for The Island Def Jam Music Group. In October 2008, Bieber signed with Island Records and traveled to Atlanta with his mother to continue working with Braun and Usher. In 2008, Braun was hired as Bieber’s manager.

Bieber debuted with two albums, “My World” and “My World 2.0,” in 2010. His promotional endeavors for the album included appearances on “The Today Show,” “The Wendy Williams Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “My World” sold over one million albums in the United States alone in less than two months. The RIAA has certified that album 5 times platinum. Prior to the album’s release, “My World” was the first debut album to have four singles (One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, and Favorite Girl) on the Billboard Top 40.

Bieber’s debut album, “My World” and “My World 2.0,” was published in two parts in 2010. His promotional activities for the album included appearances on several live shows, including “The Today Show,” “The Wendy Williams Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “My World” sold over one million albums in the United States alone in less than two months after its debut. The RIAA has certified that album five times platinum. “My World” was the first debut album to have four singles (One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, and Favorite Girl) on the Billboard Top 40 prior to the album’s release.

Music Career

As Bieber’s star rose, his 3D part-biopic, part-concert film “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” was released in February 2011. The picture dominated the box office, making an estimated $12.4 million on its first day from 3,105 cinemas and generating more than $98 million worldwide. Along with the film, Bieber released the album “Never Say Never – The Remixes” (Feb. 2011). In June 2011, he was ranked second on Forbes’ list of the Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30, having earned $53 million in a year.

The Christmas album “Under the Mistletoe” was released in October 2011 to great success, followed by “Believe” in June 2012 and “Believe Acoustic” in January 2013. “Justin Bieber’s Believe,” the follow-up to his first film, was released in December 2013, also directed by Jon M. Chu. His February 2015 song “Where Are Ü Now?” won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2016. With his single “What Do You Mean?” from his album “Purpose,” Bieber set a Guinness World Record for the youngest male artist to debut at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His sophomore album, “Changes,” will be released on February 14, 2020.

“Cold Water” (2016) with Major Lazer and M, “Déjà vu” (2016) with Post Malone, “Despacito” (2017) with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, “I’m the One” (2017) with Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, and DJ Khaled, and “Bad Guy” (2019) with Billie Eilish are some of his other notable singles and collaborations.
The music video for “Baby” has over 2.1 billion views on YouTube as of this writing. His music video for “Sorry” has received over 3 billion views. He has over 50 million YouTube subscribers in total.

Personal Life

Bieber began a high-profile relationship with actress and singer Selena Gomez in December 2010. Until March 2018, the couple enjoyed an on-again, off-again relationship. Bieber briefly dated Hailey Baldwin between December 2015 and January 2016, during one of his breaks from Gomez, and the couple reconnected in May 2018. They got engaged in July 2018 and are getting married on September 30, 2019. Hailey Baldwin is Alec’s sister and the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

As a Canadian citizen, Bieber is said to have an O-1 visa for temporary resident status in the United States, while TMZ reported in September 2018 that he has started the process of becoming an American citizen following his marriage to Baldwin.

Despite his amazing success in the music industry, he, like many other young celebrities, has had his share of press scandals. He was arrested in 2014 for DUI, drag racing, and resisting arrest; he was also demonstrating some erratic behavior at the time of his detention, and his popularity briefly suffered as a result of his activities.

Justin volunteered to get roasted by Comedy Central in March of 2015. Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Shaq, Martha Stewart, Ludacris, and others were among the celebrity roasters. After all was said and done, Justin concluded the show with a rather clever line:

“What do you get when you give a teenager $200 million? A bunch of has-beens calling you a lesbian for two hours.”

Justin Bieber's Net Worth
Justin Bieber with his Wife Hailey Bieber (Source: PInterest)

Business Ventures and Endorsements

Bieber’s celebrity has enabled him to enjoy a number of lucrative commercial deals throughout the years. Companies he has worked with include Proactive, Nicole by OPI, Walmart, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Schmidt’s Naturals. He has also released many fragrances, including “Someday” (2011), “Girlfriend” (2012), and “Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition” (2014).

Justin Bieber Net Worth Over Time

In February 2010, we began tracking Justin Bieber’s net worth. We calculated his net worth at the time to be $500 thousand. This was before to the huge hit success of “Baby,” which practically overnight catapulted the adolescent into a household name. Justin’s net worth has surpassed $5 million at the end of 2010. Between 2010 and 2011, Justin’s net worth began to skyrocket. We updated his net worth to $40 million on January 29, 2012. Justin began earning $50-70 million per year from music sales, merchandise, product endorsements, touring, and various other business ventures from this point forward. Justin’s net worth officially surpassed $200 million in July 2014, after previously hovering in the $170 – $180 million range.

  • 2010: $500 thousand
  • 2011: $5 million
  • 2012: $40 million
  • 2013: $100 million
  • 2014: $200 million
  • 2015: $210 million
  • 2016: $240 million
  • 2017: $250 million
  • 2018: $265 million
  • 2019: $270 million
  • 2020: $280 million
  • 2021: $285 million

Real Estate

Justin, at 18, paid $6.5 million for a property in The Oaks, an exclusive gated enclave in Calabasas. Justin had multiple run-ins with neighbors at this residence. His boisterous parties and friends rushing through the peaceful lanes irritated his neighbors. He  was captured on surveillance cameras in 2014 tossing eggs at a property, inflicting thousands of dollars in damage. Justin was briefly detained at his home as a result of the incident while police entered his home with a felony search warrant. Justin sold the home to Khloe Kardashian in 2014 for $7.2 million after paying $80,000 to settle the controversy.

Over the next five years, Justin led a nomadic existence, renting house after house in various parts of the world. For example, they were paying a mind-boggling $100,000 per month to rent a home in Toluca Lake, California, for much of 2019.

Justin paid $8.5 million for a Beverly Hills mansion in March 2019.

Justin paid $28.5 million for a new Beverly Hills house in August 2020. This new Beverly Hills mansion is situated high in the Beverly Hills mountains, within the ultra-exclusive gated neighborhood of Beverly Park. Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Rod Stewart, and Sylvester Stallone are among the nearby residents. The house was listed for $42 million two years before Bieber bought it. The 2.5-acre estate includes an 11,000-square-foot mansion.