K-pop singer Sulli dead at age 25 at her home in Seoul, South Korea!

She was a K-pop star and very young. But she is dead now. Singer Sulli was found dead at her home in Seoul in South Korea by her manager. It is a case of apparent suicide but the exact cause of death is under investigation.

Sulli and her tragic and premature death

It was not her age of dying. And she was only 25. But K-pop singer Sulli was found dead at her home which is situated in South Korean capital of Seoul. Her manager found her dead body at her house when he went there.

Sulli died of apparent suicide [Source: Metro UK]
The exact cause of her death is not known but the police and medical team are investigating it. But it appears to be a case of suicide. She has probably taken her own life. Furthermore, there are many who believe that she committed suicide after people badly bullied her online.

Sulli and her career

The young singer was an idol and a pop star, and she is highly popular with over 5 million fans on her Instagram. She was a member of the band named f(x). But she left it in the year 2015 when she wanted to go solo and concentrate on her solo career. Besides, Sulli’s real name was Choi Jin-ri. It is widely said that she received a lot of abuse and trolls online and was struggling with it.

Tributes for Sulli

Sulli was a talented singer [Source: Variety]
Sulli had talent and music journalist Taylor Glasby labeled her as a free spirit. She said:

“She was one of the idols who decided to live her life in the way she wanted to and that didn’t always sit well with the general public,” 

“For idols, everything is about appearance, everything is quite monitored and she just didn’t [monitor her content]. She was herself”.

“She clapped back and she wouldn’t take people’s narrow-mindedness.”

Furthermore, Taylor also praised the band f(x):

“They were one of the girl groups that didn’t fit in, they did their own thing. And their music was more hard-hitting. Besides, it was innovative and complex, and it helped cement an entire sub-genre within K-pop – girl crush.

“When she left, her legacy became being outspoken. It became taking control of her own image. I admired her spirit to do so despite the constant negativity that was directed at her by some less open minded citizens.”‎

Also, Amber Liu, her former bandmate tweeted:

“Due to recent events i’ll be putting on hold my upcoming activities. Sorry everyone. Thank you for your thoughts.”

Sulli-the controversial image

Sulli was a bold lady. And, she told her fans that they can opt for the way they wanted the world to see their body. She used to wear no bra and show off her nipples through her dress on multiple occasions. After she started this in May 2016, people trolled her heavily for it. By mistake, during a live Instagram stream, her breast got flashed. And this raised a lot of controversy.

Sulli’s friend Jonghyun died in 2017 of suicide [Source: Metro UK]
Also, Sulli was a good pal of the singer Jonghyun who also died by suicide in 2017 at the age of 27.

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Source: BBC UK