Kara Killmer: beautiful, talented, brainy, God-fearing and romantic! Learn all about her here!

Kara Killmer: beautiful, talented, brainy, God-fearing and romantic! Learn all about her here!
  • The American actress Kara Killmer was shot to fame after she grabbed the role of paramedic Sylvie Brett in NBC’s drama series Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Fire is part of the One Chicago Universe, in which the characters and the storyline of 4 shows namely Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice are intertwined

The Franchise fanatic

Recently, TVguide.com decided to do a reality check as to how much the characters of these shows know what is going on in their sister shows. They quizzed the actors and actresses from all 4 shows about their knowledge of the happenings in the One Chicago counterparts.

TVguide.com was disappointed since they found that the TV stars were hilariously ignorant about what was going on in the other 3 shows, except for Kara. They found that Killmer is a self-proclaimed franchise fanatic and knew the nitty-gritty of the other shows as well as she did about her show.

On knowing the results, Kara said:

“I’m embarrassed, but I’m also very proud,”

During the quiz, her quiz partner was her co-star Monica Raymund who did not score well with the questions about the other shows. The other stars also did not fare well.

Source: Pinterest (Kara Killmer with her co-star Monica Raymund)

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Memories of the faith-based movie

Kara Killmer was the lead actress in the 2015 Christian historical action-adventure movie ‘Beyond the mask’ which was released in 2015.

In an interview given before the movie’s release, Kara Killmer mentioned that she was fascinated by the film. Since it had little of everything: romance, action, sword fighting, and history. She also liked its messages and the power of each of the characters.

Kara Killmer also said that she enjoyed working with so many lovely men, women, and children in this faith-redefining movie. Kara Killmer was also fond of the dresses, action, and adventure that were part of the shooting for this movie.

Though there were demanding schedules, early mornings, lack of sleep, and tons of makeup, Kara Killmer had enjoyed every moment of it. Kara Killmer and her co-star Andrew Cheney had a shot in the film in which they had to run and dive into a pond. Andrew had taught Kara how to give this shot.

The shot was okayed but Kara Killmer realized that the pond was freezing. But the amazing look of the scene made Kara forget her ‘icing’ problems.

Source: Pinterest (Kara Killmer and Andrew Cheney)

The budding romance

Little did Kara know that this diving shot would steer her life into a new real-life relationship with Andrew Cheney. The romance between Kara Killmer and Andrew Cheney began during the filming of ‘Beyond The Mask’ in 2015. In one year, they had grown so close that they decided to tie the knot.

In May 2016, Kara Killmer and Andrew Cheney walked down the aisle. The couple shares lovely chemistry and a relationship with each other. There have been no reports of any friction or flights. They do not yet have any children and neither have any announcements been made regarding pregnancy in Kara Killmer.

Kara is a beautiful and talented actress with great faith in God. We wish the couple a blissful and happy married life together!

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A short bio on Kara Killmer

Tall and gorgeous Kara Killmer is an American well-known actress. She is eminent for her role as Sylvie Brett on the NBC shows Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med. She is also commonly known for her role in the short-lived web series If I Can Dream. More bio…